My Wild Ones #2 | Baking With Daddy


Indiana has been doing a lot of exploring this week. I think her favourite task of all though was helping her daddy with some baking. I've never been a massive fan of baking, or cooking for that matter. Luckily Jack absolutely loves it and tries to get Indiana involved as much as possible.

She actually helped at every stage with this bake (chocolate chip buns). She's becoming really good at listening and following instructions and loves to give things a go. She was pouring, mixing, (trying to) crack eggs, and making a huge mess haha.

She had such a fun time doing it though that we weren't so bothered about the mess; that's what cleaning up is for anyway! Of course Indie had to give it a taste test before it was cooked, and I definitely think she approved. Licking the spoon was my favourite part as a kid, so it's only right it is Indie's too.

I cannot wait until Parker is big enough to join in too - we'll have to get him a manly apron like Jack's haha. But for now I'm just happy to watch Indiana having fun with her daddy... and the treats at the end are pretty good too!



  1. Oh I love her little outfit, that hat is too cute! I love baking, but eating it does me no good. We made cheese straws yesterday. They do love joining in don't they :) x

  2. I love the pic with the flour - baking with kids is awesome and oh so messy! Sarah #mywildones

  3. Ah Indie looks adorable with her little apron and chefs hat on!! Love the photo of Jack blowing flour. Looks like they had fun together. I love baking and cooking myself and love that Bella is big enough to join in now! xxx

  4. She is so cute. Lucky you that Jack loves cooking and how lovely for him and Indie to have that daddy daughter time! Xx

  5. Ah these are such lovely photos! I love baking but hardly ever eat what I make (It tastes good, honest lol) So I always end up wasting most of the stuff and it puts me off lol! I love her little hat its adorable xx

  6. What a cute little chef!!
    I love the flour photo!

  7. SO cute! It looks like she's having a fab time :) My Husband loves baking and cooking too - isn't it great? ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx


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