My Wild Ones #3 | Exploring New Foods


With all the snow this week I was so hoping to share some snowy pictures. Unfortunately down where we live the snow was rubbish haha, so we'll have to wait for our turn I suppose! I did manage to capture a lot of pictures of Parker exploring this week though.

As you know we started weaning last week. Parker is absolutely loving food and watching him explore and learn how to feed himself is amazing. It's also amazing how much of a mess they can get into!

I think we've gone through about 3 t-shirts a day since we started; I really must purchase more coverall bibs haha. It's so worth it though to watch his happy little face get stuck into the food. Baby led weaning is definitely not for you if you hate mess though!

So far we've explored simple foods such as porridge, toast, banana, crumpets and most recently pear. He's pretty good with preloaded spoons already, which I remember Indiana was too. We just can't wait to start properly in a few weeks when he's officially 6 months.



  1. Cute pics. I am not looking forward to the weaning stage second time around. I think we got overall bibs in Ikea and they even have a pocket to catch bigger bits of food.

  2. Such a cutie pie! Ahh yea, the never ending pile of washing, my kids are older now, but I still pretty much do a load a day! Sarah #MyWildOnes

  3. Aww, he's adorable! I can't wait to start weaning with Gabe next month, although we did a mixture of finger foods and spoon feeding with Toby and will probably do the same again...because I really can't cope with the mess of completely baby led weaning! #mywildones

  4. Ah so cute! Those coverall bibs are so useful at this stage :) She is super gorgeous xx

  5. Ah look at his face. What a cutie pie! I remember the mess that comes with weaning, it's a delight! X

  6. Aww these are lovely photos! His eyes are amazing! Haha I am with you on the 3 tops a day, the amount of washing I have these days is ridiculous! xx

  7. Oh bless him! It's definitely best just to feed with only a nappy on! I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can pop him outside instead ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx


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