My Wild Ones #4 | Little Explorer


I absolutely love this linky, it's so lovely to gather pictures of my two exploring and discovering, when normally I'd just sit back and watch (or maybe even miss if I was too busy). This week we managed to get out between all the rain, and of course we went back to our favourite place, Knole Park.

I stayed on the path with Parker and these two went off into the woods to see what they could find. They splashed in puddles, jumped off rocks, and hid in the trees. I tried to get a nice family photo of the four of us, but Indiana was having none of it haha. She just wanted to explore!

I honestly wish Indiana got to spend more time with Jack. She's such a daddy's girl and they're like two little peas in a pod. Hopefully the weather will start improving and they can go on more adventures together soon!



  1. Exploring the woods look like fun! Ah I know what you mean Perry gets home just before 6 everyday so only sees the kids for an hour and half in the week :( Just means the weekends we have to use wisely to get in lots of fun xx

  2. Aw, exploring outdoors is awesome with kids isn't it?! Looks like they do have a sweet bond, long may it continue xx #MyWildOnes

  3. Indiana looks so cute in her lovely red coat and wellies - I love that first picture, she totally looks like she's about to just march off on her own! I think it definitely makes everyone feel better if you can find a gap in the rain to get outside for a bit. #mywildones

  4. So so gorgeous! Indiana looks like she's having such a fab time with your Husband :)

    I'm so glad you're enjoying the linky too! Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx


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