My Wilds Ones #1 | Exploring Duplo


Recently the weather has been absolutely horrific. I think it's pretty much rained every day since before Christmas now! That being said it's meant we've spent a lot of time indoors, trying to keep Indiana as happy as possible.

It hasn't been all bad though as it's given us a lot of time to play and explore the toys and gifts Indie got for Christmas! A current favourite is this Duplo book my sister got for her. The story is pretty simple - following a farmer's day at his farm - but it's interactive which she loves!

Each page has a new animal. The bricks provided then join together to make that animal. Indiana had a whale of time putting the bricks together to make each one, then matching it to the correct animal on the page. After she'd made an animal she'd complete the page by making the correct animal sound.

It's a pretty simple game, however we spent a good 30-40 minutes repeating the process (I read that book A LOT haha). I loved watching her little face explore the Duplo pieces. Watching her work out how to put each piece together to create the animal. Then squealing with delight when she'd done it. Sometimes the most simple things can be the most fun for toddlers!



  1. Ahhh she is just so adorable. The weather sucks doesn't it, we have been stuck indoors loads too xx

  2. It's wonderful when you find a toy that captures their attention. She's lovely!


  3. This weather is so depressing! We have just had to brave it today and go out, was really cold though! That book looks great, Isla is a major duplo fan so ill have to look out for it xx

  4. I knew she'd love this, got it for her from Longleat believe it or not :D xx

  5. How fab! Busby would love a Duplo book - such a lovely idea to make the animals in the book :)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx


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