Scream Queens, Tails and Going 'Out Out' | #LittleLoves


I definitely think this past week has been the coldest for a long time (although we never got any decent snow)! I've found myself constantly turning up the heating, wrapping us all up in blankets, and staying indoors so we don't have to face the cold haha.

We've had a pretty quiet and relaxed week because of it, and honestly I loved it! Parker's also back to his old tricks of eating every second of the day and not sleeping haha, so I've not really had the energy to go anywhere exciting anyway! So here's a look back on our week..


I've managed to read and catch up on a lot of blogs this week. One of my blogging goals was to make sure I read more and comment more, so I'm so glad I found the time! One of the posts I especially loved this week was by Hannah at Make, Do & Push!. She wrote all about social anxiety and how it's affected her. I really connected with the post as I too suffer, and it made me feel so much better knowing I'm not alone!


Anyone else watched Scream Queens? It's quite possibly the weirdest, but most addictive thing I've ever seen haha. It was the last episode this week and I'm still undecided whether it was all a big joke or not. The end was a bit naff too, but I'm secretly hoping they'll bring it back for another series.


I think it may become a bit of a tradition to write something Indiana says in this section. Her speech has developed so much, and she comes out with hilarious lines. This week I had both kids in the bath, when Indiana looks up and me and goes: "Look mummy, Parker has a tail!". I then had to spend the rest of bath time explaining to her about boys and girls haha.


I've not really made anything in particular this week (I'm not an arty crafty kind of mumma). I did make a gorgeous slow cooker stew though that Indiana especially loved!


I feel this category I'm always going to fail in haha. Although last Saturday we actually went 'out out' so I actually got dressed up for once! Jack bought me some new clothes which is a rarity for me haha. I even wore heels, which I don't think I've worn for over a year.

And Lastly...

We signed Parker up for nursery this week. I honestly cannot believe it's almost time for me to return to work already! He'll be going two days a week like Indiana does, and I'm so hoping he loves it as much as her. I'm also praying he starts to sleep better before then, as I honestly don't know how I'll be able to function at work on no sleep haha.


  1. It has been really cold here too, we've all been ill so like you guys have been staying in wrapped up warm! Kids just say the funniest things don't they, it will be embarrassing for Indiana when she is 18 and you can tell her all of this :) The baby stage goes so quickly, I'm sure once you get back to work all will be fine. Enjoy your weekend xx #LittleLoves

  2. It's been so cold, and we've been ill too. I can't wait for the spring! x

  3. Oh I remember the signing up for nursery it's just a big milestone but you will settle into a great routine and it will feel normal I promise. They grow up so fast. I agree it's been extra cold this week. I never really use the heating on in the day as I work from home and dont like heat head as I call it but it's been that cold I have had it on full blast. Great round up hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

  4. haha, sorry chuckled away about Indiana's "tail" comment! If I could stay indoors and out of the cold I would do exactly the same as you! Its certainly dropped in temperature this week.. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  5. So glad someone else enjoyed Scream Queens! I told my boyfriend I'd find someone one day haha! I was disappointed by the last episode too though, but apparently they are bringing it back.

    Love Indiana's comment! Can't wait until my wee one is coming out with things like that xx

  6. It has been really cold hasn't it?! I hope your return to work goes smoothly and that Parker settles into nursery - and starts sleeping! x

  7. You have a right little comedian on your hands there, I always laugh at that things Indiana comes out with bless her. Hope Parker settles into nursery ok when he starts x

  8. Love Indiana's comment, they are so funny at that age aren't they?
    I remember my eldest starting nursery, time just goes so fast. I hope he settles in well and that his sleeping gets better too.
    Have a lovely week x


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