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I realised I haven't written any wedding posts a ages now! So today I'm sharing all about our wedding flowers. When I asked Jack to help me decide what flowers we were going to have on our big day he actual words were "I don't really care as long as we have them"! Helpful right haha? Luckily I knew exactly what I wanted so like a lot of planning, flowers were down to me.

We had already decided together (I know, he actually got involved with this bit haha), that we weren't going to have flowers as part of our centrepieces. We instead went for 5 bouquets - mine and my 4 bridesmaids, 6 buttonholes - for Jack, his groomsmen and my step-dad, a floral headband for Indiana as flowergirl, and an arrangement for the ceremony/reception.

We met a number of florists in our local town and at Wedding Fayres, and in the end went with a company suggested by our venue (who we actually met there too), called The Floral Workshop. We met with them a few months before the wedding and went through their books, discussing ideas and getting an image of what flowers we wanted.

I knew 100% that I wanted roses as our main flowers. They've always been my favourite flowers; my middle name, and now Indiana's is Rose, plus they've always been the flowers Jack has bought me! Our colour scheme as you know was mint green. Obviously we couldn't get flowers in this colour haha, so we went for colours to compliment it, as well as to go with our vintagey/floral theme. We therefore went for creams, peaches and light pinks.

To keep with the theme we didn't go for tight, structured bouquets either. The florist suggested adding greenery and herbs to break up the flowers and to give it a bit more of a 'natural' look. I wasn't sure how they would look but I was blown away with the final product! My bridesmaid's bouquets were smaller versions of my own, but looked equally as gorgeous! They were all tied with satin ribbon and finished with pearl studs which I had no idea about... perfect considering my dress and jewellery were pearls!

The buttonholes for the men were therefore roses too. We went for the cream as we thought these would go with my dress and bridesmaids perfectly... and they did! I loved how simple yet elegant they looked. The boys did struggle to put them on though bless them haha, so the best man's mum did them for them! Jack's flower also popped off during the photos which was a nightmare (luckily we did some buttonhole swapping to finish the pictures). I think it was due to it being pinned on too close to the flower!

As Indiana was only 22 months at the wedding we knew she wouldn't hold a basket of flowers, let alone know what to do with them haha. We decided upon a floral headband instead made of small roses, as we thought she'd wear it. How wrong we were! Unfortunately Indiana didn't wear it at all on the day which was so upsetting, as it was so so beautiful. In the end my youngest sister claimed it and wore it for most of the day haha, but at least it wasn't just thrown away!

Finally we had a floral arrangement for the ceremony table (where we signed the register), which then got moved onto the top table during the reception. Again this was just a large display with the flowers used in my bouquet. It had extra flowers including lilys added in as it was larger, as well as more greenery. It was absolutely stunning and we actually kept it at home for a week or two after haha.

I would definitely recommend looking on places such as Pintrest for flower ideas. I was completely clueless when we first started planning, but found some great ideas on there. Also make sure you go visit the florist and have an in-depth consultation. Make sure they note what flowers you do want - and also what you don't like too!

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  1. These are gorgeous. I love love the whole colour scheme of your wedding but think the flowers are my favourite! xx


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