When Did My Baby Get So Big? | #LittleLoves


I think this is becoming my favourite part of the week. I love looking back on what we've got up to and really thinking about the little things, that wouldn't normally make it into a post. Shock horror, it's been another wet and windy week. Hopefully February will bring some sun! So here's our week...


Not much really... haha I'm terrible! I've been keeping up with reading as many blog posts as possible, so I'm hoping that counts. This week it was Mummy & Me linky time again, which is one of my favourites. I really enjoyed Tara from Mums Space post; firstly how gorgeous are her kiddies, but also how beautiful are the pictures! She's recently had a makeover so definitely go check out her blog.


Of course we've been watching a whole lot of Disney! I'm trying to build up our collection at the moment, and have picked up quite a few new ones. Indiana is starting to get to an age where she'll sit and watch them with me, and have 'snuggle snuggles' as she calls it haha.

The Lion King 2 is literally my all time favourite childhood film. I definitely think I enjoyed it more than Indie, and may have sang along to every song!


Seems only right to share another little treat from Indiana doesn't it? Yesterday she was standing at her kitchen, happily eating her snack. She then turns to me mid-mouthful and declares "dinner soon mummy, yeah?". Anyone else have a toddler who doesn't stop eating haha?


Now Parker is eating solids, I thought it was about time I visited the Little Grazers website again. There are SO many lovely, and relatively easy ideas and recipes, ideal for BLW. Indiana helped me to make the sweetcorn and cheddar fritters on Wednesday. Both of them seemed to love them, and I even got to try a couple too!


Jack got me this beautiful Olivia Burton watch as a wedding present. This week I've actually been really good at remembering to put it on haha. I do love it, it's just irritating to have to take it off every time I wash up, and I don't want to ruin it as it's so pretty haha.


I couldn't end this weeks post without sharing one of the pictures I took this week. On Monday we met up with one of my best friends and her gorgeous 6 week old twins. Parker was 24 weeks at the time and looked absolutely gigantic next to the smaller boy twin! It really shows how much they grow so quickly.

We're also off to Ikea this weekend which I am far too excited about! Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets excited by simple things like this haha?


  1. My two are constantly eating! All I get from them is "is it lunch" "can I have a snack" "is it dinner" They just don't stop! Love the watch, very pretty.. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Oh that watch is gorgeous! I'm not much of a watch wearer (although I do wear a fitbit) but that looks really special.

    My youngest is the same for food, he'd eat non stop if we let him haha! Makes a change from my oldest who isn't usually very fussed. Enjoy your weekend trip! xx

  3. That watch is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the Little Grazers website, I'm going to go and have a little browse now. I LOVE Ikea, we have to plan a day trip as our nearest one is Lakeside (is that where you're going?). Have fun! xx

  4. We watched Tarzan and Lion King 2 this week aswell. I love Disney films, probably more than the kids! Have fun at Ikea, I could move in there! x


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