Butlins, Justin Bieber & Mac and Cheese | #LittleLoves


It's Friday (again!), so it's #LittleLoves time! I'm really impressed I've managed to keep this up for so long now. I know it's only about 4 weeks haha, but having time to blog alongside my Youtube, both kids and running the house is sometimes a struggle. But anyway, what have I been loving this week?


I got one of the most exciting emails this week! We have been chosen as one of Butlin's Ambassadors, in their 'vlogging' category. I still can't believe it, and we are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen. Especially as it's alongside some amazing bloggers.


There are SO many TV shows back on now, so I always seem to have something waiting on the planner for me to watch haha. I binge watched the first few episodes of Britain's Next Top Model and Pretty Little Liars this week - both my guilty pleasures!

I also watched two beautiful pregnancy / baby videos this week. The lovely Abigail from Lily Mae Adventures had her baby, a beautiful little boy, and announced with this video. Also Jess from Lilypod and Sweetpea announced her second pregnancy, with this sweet video!


To be honest, not much this week! All that's ever on the music channels / radio / anywhere recently is Justin Bieber. Although I'm not complaining, I have always been a fan haha.


I did a lot of Pinterest pinning last weekend, and we ended up with nearly a whole week of slimming world meals on the meal plan. Jack made the absolutely amazing sweet potato mac and cheese on Monday. Just looking at it makes me want to eat it all over again.. yum!


I'll just talk about the kids this week as let's be honest, my mum wardrobe is naff haha. Indiana has been sporting her Trespass rain suit recently (perfect for the recent rainy weather!). She looks like a big pink marshmallow in it, it's adorable! 

Parker's been rocking his Lamb and Bear leggings this week. They're 6-9 months, however mr long legs seems to already been outgrowing them :(! I may just have to order another pair, although I just can't decide what print to go for?!


Parker turned 6 months this week. Half a year already! It's absolutely crazy and makes me realise just how little time I've got left on maternity leave. This week also marked a year since our '12 week' scan with Parker too. The difference in just a year amazes me, Indiana has completely changed!


  1. Congratulations on being selected as a Butlins vlogger Emily, I'm sure you will have a lot of fun :)
    Lots of lovely birth and pregnancy announcements happening at the moment, definitely highlighting the circle of life after all the deaths happening in January :/
    Sweet potato macaroni cheese sounds incredible mmm Have a good weekend :)
    Sophie x

  2. Huge congratulations on becoming a Butlins Ambassador, such exciting news. Bet you can't wait to go and enjoy it! xx

  3. Congrats on being a Butlins Ambassador! We were one a few years ago and my girls LOVED their holiday there. E still talks about it and is desperate for us to go back.
    That sweet potato mac and cheese looking amazing. I need the recipe! xx

  4. ooh fab news! We did the Butlins Ambassador program a few years ago and the kids absolutely loved it, we had a fantastic time!

  5. Oh I love babies in leggings! Adorable!! I've binged on BNTM too, are you watching Australia's version?! I may have watched a few episodes of them too! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  6. Congrats on becoming a Butlins Ambassador! That sweet potato mac and cheese looks amazing, have a great weekend xxx

  7. Congrats on the Butlin's gig! Those videos have made me sooooooo broody! Have a great weekend x

  8. Congrats on Butlins! I was so happy to be chose too (in the Tots category) and really looking forward to seeing what they have to offer :) might even bump into you there :) would be fun to meet some new bloggers (and vloggers too!).

  9. Congrats again Hun, I can't wait it go to butlins! Thanks for featuring my leggings :) I can't believe he's growing out of them already!! I think he would look fab in the grey ducks. Xx

  10. I can't believe Parker is 6 months old that is honestly so scary how fast it's going and how grown up he's getting. He's so adorable! Congrats on butlins again that's amazing. The sweet potato Mac and cheese looks so yum!! Xx

  11. That sweet potato mac and cheese looks AMAZING. Well done on getting the Butlins Ambassadors, I meant to apply and totally forgot oops, we went a couple of years ago and it was great. The kids will LOVE it. The bottom pictures are so cute xxx #LittleLoves


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