Illness, Sia & Dad Channel | #LittleLoves


One word to describe this week? Exhausting. On Sunday I came down with a weird cold/temperature illness. Then Parker got it. Then Indiana. It's truly been a sick house this week haha, but luckily we all seem to be on the mend at last, so hopefully we'll have a better week next week!

It hasn't all been bad though. Parker's finally decided he's mastered the whole sitting up thing, and Indiana has been getting on SO well with her walking too. We also had a lovely Valentine's Day, and I hope you all did too! But anyway, what were my #littleloves this week?


I've been loving reading everyone's entries to the Mark Warner blogger programme. Everyone has been so creative and I think they're going to have a challenge on their hands deciding. I particularly loved Hannah's entry. She's so good at these little poems!


I'm sure everyone has been watching the James Corden Carpool Karaokes? I watched his one with Sia this week, and was actually blown away by her voice. She's amazing, and James actually wasn't that bad either!


Whenever we go anywhere by car we always stick on Radio 1 (unless it's the dance hour or something boring haha). Number 1 this week is called '7 Years' and it's been on constantly. I still think it's awful, but it's so catchy it's stuck in my head all the time... and now I'm singing it writing this post, agh! I'm sure I'll love it next week haha.


Honestly, not much this week! These two made a mess in my bed on Tuesday though. Little monkeys haha.


Honestly, one day I'll have something for this section haha. It's totally acceptable to add a wedding picture in instead right? With Valentine's Day this week, I spent a lot of time looking back through them. I can't believe we've already been married nearly 5 months!


We're off to The Baby Show tomorrow as part of Jack's work with Dad Channel (if you haven't checked them out please do, there's some fab dad's over there!). We went last year when I was 16 weeks pregnant, so it'll be strange to go back with that baby in my arms, at 28 weeks old!


  1. Hope you're all on the mend! Being poorly with little ones really sucks. I haven't seen that episode of Carpool Karaoke, thanks for sharing - I adore James Corden! What a beautiful wedding photo too xx

  2. Gorgeous wedding photo! Have a great time at the Baby Show :) xx

  3. Hope you're all feeling better now. That wedding pic is lovely, your dress is beautiful! Have fun at the Baby Show x

  4. Sounds like neither of us have caught up on sleep. Hope you all feel better soon and the balance resumes. Have you applied for the MW ambassador campaign? Enjoy the baby show :) xx

  5. Your wedding picture is gorgeous! I loved the Carpool Karaoke this week, I have it on me #littlelove this week.. Have a wonderful weekend x

  6. Totally agree about the song! Im actually starting to like it now its all I hear haha x

  7. I hope you had fun at The Baby Show. That wedding picture is gorgeous! x

  8. What a gorgeous wedding picture! Hope you're all better now and that you enjoyed the Baby Show.
    Hope to see you linking up for Little Loves tomorrow xx


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