Mummy & Me | February


Finally a month where I've taken some decent shots of the three of us! I absolutely love these photos, and I can't believe how well they actually turned out either haha. I love having these to look back on, and can't believe I've kept up with this linky for nearly a year now. I really encourage any parent to join in, as it's been so lovely to capture the memories, and watch my babies grow.

Indiana turned 27 months yesterday, and Parker is coming up to 7 months. I won't lie and say every day with them both is easy, some days are a write off and bloody tough. But I always get to the end of the day, when they're both in bed asleep, and remember just how lucky I am to be their mummy!

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  1. Ah the first photo is lovely and so frame able! I need to get some nice ones again, I want to get some put in frames for the kids rooms. I have to agree some days are so bad, especially now Archie is so mobile. They are literally partners in crime haha!xx

  2. Aw gorgeous photos, perfect setting! :) xx

  3. Awwww I love these photo's! Gorgeous! #MummyAndMe

  4. I love these photos. I still didn't get round to getting any specific shots, maybe next month ;)!! x


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