My Wild Ones #5 | Gloop


If I'm honest I'm not really into the whole 'messy play', as I simply cannot stand cleaning it all up after haha. Luckily Jack is always keen to get stuck in and get messy (I think his job helps with that haha). 

We finally got our hands on some cornflour for a recipe last week, so Jack decided to make gloop as well! It's so simple - just just cornflour and water - and it created endless fun for both kids. Even I got involved and had fun too! Parker was fascinated by the stuff, and Indiana loved covering her toys in it again and again.

Despite wearing coveralls both kids got covered in the stuff! Parker decided to flick his arm so that the gloop flung all over the room, himself and Jack haha. Luckily it brushes off quite easily once dry. But I was finding dusty white patches all over the place for ages after haha.

It's definitely something we'll be doing regularly. Who knows, I might even try this one without Jack around!



  1. I am not a messy play lover either! Take such a long time to clean up. They look like they are having loads of fun, super cute x

  2. Bless them! I hate messy play (that's one of the reasons why I send B to nursery to be honest!) but it looks like they had lots of fun!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun but it sounds like you are definitely not alone in not being a fan of messy play - Toby never even gets to paint at home, he does plenty of that stuff at nursery!


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