My Wilds Ones #7 | Puddles


Is there anything better than watching your child explore, play and have fun? Even though the weather's still rubbish, we love to get and about with our two. Indiana loves nothing more than running about, and as Jack doesn't mind getting messy too, I can just watch and enjoy from afar (staying nice and dry, and clean haha)!

These pictures were taken on Sunday when we ventured out to capture our family photos for Me & Mine. We didn't expect Indie to get messy as we were walking on a path, so didn't bother with her rain suit. We should have been prepared though, what toddler can resist a muddy puddle?!

She got absolutely soaked! Water was pouring out of her wellies, her leggings were completely soggy, and her once white socks turned brown from all the water. Despite being so wet, Indie didn't want to leave and splashed around for ages after. I think we must have spent about 20/30 minutes just in that one place!


  1. You cant beat a good muddy puddle! Indiana looks very happy while I imagine you was covering your eyes hehe xx

  2. Awww looks so much fun! Molly lives puddles though if her trousers got wet I think she would be divaish stop lol

  3. Lovely photos! It looks like she's having so much :) Busby always stops when her trousers get wet and then I have to carry her home ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  4. Haha - yep, always wear the rain suit! Indiana doesn't look like she's too bothered though :) #mywildones


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