Teething, Pancakes & Roses | #LittleLoves


It's been a long week in the Peacock household. Jack's been working long days and Parker's sleeping is so over the place - last night he only woke once, however the night before, he was up all night, and would only settle in my arms. Damn you teething! Despite this we've kept ourselves busy, and I still cannot believe it's Friday again.


To be honest, not much this week! I'm sure I have read plenty of blog posts, I just can't remember any specifically! One day I'll read a book to add to this section haha.


Anyone else tune in for the new Lion King series on Disney Jr? I still can't decide whether I enjoyed it or not! Indiana loved the lions, and danced along to the music. It was just a bit over animated for me... bring back old school Disney!


I'm currently obsessed with Jason Derulo's new song. I've had it on repeat this week, and Indiana and I have been dancing around the house to it far too much. Jack hates this kind of music, so I always blast it as loud as possible when he's out haha.


Jack and I made the decision this week to finally get rid of the kids old and unused clothes. Indiana probably had enough for about 4 children.. it was a bit ridiculous! We're selling on the decent bits via an Instagram sale, make sure to check it out if you fancy some Next bargain!

Of course you'll know it was Pancake Day this Tuesday. Jack was working late so we didn't actually have any Tuesday. We made up for it Wednesday morning though. Indiana was a great little chef helping her daddy. 


Stickers. Lots and lots and lots of stickers! Indiana decided I was the best sticker book in the world and covered me from head to toe haha. I'm still finding them now! Of course Parker couldn't be left out - he was finding the whole thing hilarious bless him.


Who's excited for Valentine's Day? We're not big on it, but Jack has got a few things planned apparently. He even came home with roses the other day, 'just because', so who knows what's in store. Indiana helped me pick Jack's card, so lets hope he likes it haha.


  1. I'm not a Jason Derulo fan but I saw him perform of Jonathan Ross and was so impressed. The song is so catchy and you just can't help but dance along.
    I remember being covered in stickers by both my girls when they were little. The giggles when they stick them on your face is just so cute.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Aw that little smile - so gorgeous baking pancakes with her hat on. I quite liked Jason Derulo on Jonathan Ross but detested his song. I must be getting old!

  3. Oh your roses are beautiful. I haven't watched the Lion King series although my girls do love the film so will have to give it a go. I could definitely do with getting rid of some of the girls old clothes my house is full to the brim with stuff at the moment. Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Pretty roses! Hope your sleep improves. I have been getting up far too many times in the night for poorly Alexander but annoyingly when I go to bed my head won't stop buzzing!
    Fingers crossed for a more restful weekend! xx

  5. My kids love stickers too, they end up everywhere! x

  6. Ha ha kids and their stickers! My little one still loves covering me in them now. Poor you and poor Parker teething. I'm so lucky my two were never that bad with their teeth, but my sister is having a rough time with my little nephew at the mo. Fingers crossed you both get some sleep soon! Have a lovely weekend x


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