The Walking Dead, Brit Awards & Peppa Pig | #LittleLoves


What another quick week! We were back to Diddi Dance on Tuesday this week after the half term break. This term's theme is Irish dancing, and my word it was tiring! I think us parents were more exhausted and dizzy than the kids haha. We had lots of snuggly time and plenty of Disney movies too. Indiana has started crying out a lot more in her sleep, so we're unsure if she's experiencing bad dreams, or is just a bit poorly. Luckily cuddles seem to help, and you can never watch Finding Nemo enough times... although ask me in a week I may change my mind!


I've been on my Mac a lot sorting out bits for our holiday this week. I've booked our seats, added our Passport information and may have started browsing the summer clothing too. I've been researching lots about airport parking too. We're flying from Gatwick, so any suggestions of who to go with would be fab!


How did I forget to mention The Walking Dead last week?! It's honestly one of our favourite shows, and it just keeps getting better. I won't add any spoilers just in case. But I'll just say OH. MY. GOD! I am still a bit unsure of it now haha.


Anyone else watch the Brits this week? I'm young and even I hadn't heard of most of the nominees, and how awful was Rihanna too. One group that did stand out though was Little Mix - how good were they! I love their new song with Jason Derulo too, and have had it on repeat a lot recently.


I allowed Indiana to pick one magazine from the shop this week, as she was so good while I had to post some packages. She chose Peppa Pig (I thought we'd escaped that bloody thing haha), and we had lovely snuggles reading the stories. She created a sticker masterpiece too, while I was left to cut out and create the jack-in-the-box included with it.


It's been all about rain coats and wellies again this week. I think my rain coat is the most worn item I own, as it seems to always be raining, or looks like it's about to! Indiana looks so sweet in hers, although they didn't do a very good job at keeping her dry in the puddles on Sunday.

And Lastly...

I finally added our YouTube Channel to the Channel Mum website! You can now find us over there, and if you search through their categories may come across a few of our vlogs too. How exciting!


  1. My toddler is a massive Peppa Pig fan! (me not so much). I do love crafting with her though. Looks like a good week.

  2. Oh my girls love magazines but just for that cheap plastic tat that you get free. I love a bit of little mix!! Enjoy your weekend x

  3. I love your wellies! I thought Little Mix were fab too - they are a proper girl group with matching costumes and dance routines and everything! x #LittleLoves

  4. Aww how cute does Indiana look in her wellies. I love Little Mix, bit sad for a 34 year old ha ha. Have a great weekend x

  5. Eli has recently discovered the (not so) amazing Peppa Pig. It drives me insane


  6. Have fun shopping for summer! Ah that pig...and we live close to Peppa Pig world! She gets everywhere haha! I still haven't watched the Walking Dead, maybe after we finish watching Vikings we will give it a go. Have a good weekend :)

  7. The Walking Dead is brilliant isn't it? That first episode - I was on the edge of my seat open mouthed throughout!
    Love Little Mix xx


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