Deadpool, First Words & My Little Princess | #LittleLoves


Hellooo March! Finally we're on the way out of the cold, wet weather... hopefully. Our baby boy also turns 7 months old today. At this rate he'll be one before we know it, and I'll be even broodier for another squishy little newborn haha.


I've been creating a little rather large wishlist on the Next website this week - that's counts as reading right? They've just released their Summer collections so I'm starting to buy the kid's holiday wardrobes. It's only 8 weeks until we go, so I need to get cracking really.

Image from the Next Website


We finally went to see Deadpool last weekend! It's brilliant, and even though I'm a massive girly-girl I love these types of movies. SO funny, and definitely worth a watch.


Our little boy saying his first word! Parker is a total mummy's boy - preferring me for snuggles, and giving me the most smiles. You can probably imagine my disappointment when on Saturday I was greeted with 'da da da da'. It's alright though Parker, I know you still love me most!


I've filmed and edited loads of videos for our YouTube channel recently. I always have times where I prefer one over the other, and I'm definitely more into vlogging at the moment. I re-edited my water birth video with Parker, which has to be my favourite this week. I'd love for you to come over and check us out and subscribe.


Indiana got her first dress up outfit this week, and of course it had to be Queen Elsa! She looks so so sweet in it, and so grown up too. She now asks to wear her 'pretty dress, crown and globes' constantly, so thank you Auntie Gem!

And Lastly...
It's my 3rd Mother's Day this weekend! My first Indiana was a baby, my second Indiana was 16 months and Parker was a little bump, and this year I'll have a 2 year old and a 7 month old... crazy! Jack's planned a treat for Indie and I tomorrow, and then Sunday we're hopefully going to the zoo for a family day out. I hope all you mummy's have the best day!


  1. Next just do the best clothes don't they?! I need to sort Parker's wardrobe out too, but I'm terrible - I just order it as and when! Love Indiana in her Ana outfit, she looks adorable. Enjoy your weekend! xx

  2. I love your little girl's Elsa costume, she looks so cute! We watched Deadpool the other week...I wasn't expecting much as I'm not really a Marvel fan (got bullied into going as it was OH's birthday) but it was actually pretty good. Funny and...well, Ryan Reynolds ha!
    Have a great weekend xx

  3. That video was just so beautiful! You did amazingly, and he looked so tiny!! Love Indiana in her dress too :) x

  4. How cute does Indiana look in her dress? Gorgeous! I daren't even go into Next as I'm a sucker for buying baby clothes at the minute, despite not really needing that much as we have a load in the attic waiting to come down! xx

  5. Oh your video was beautiful, loved it! The baby stuff in Next is so cute and I love love love those little cute nautical romper suits. My "baby" is 3 now so his romper days are long gone but I do love all the little boy clothes in there :) #littleloves

  6. Aww your video is lovely! Might have made me even more broody! Love those little Next outfits, I didn't realise they'd launched the summer range already, I might have to have a peek. Love Indiana's Elsa outfit, she looks adorable! Funny how babies always say da da first! Little monkeys! Have a lovely Mother's Day x

  7. oooh do you think you may like another baby Emily? Deadpool was such a good film wasn't it, and a cool ending too. Aww Elsa/Indiana, what a cutie. Hope you enjoyed your Mothering Sunday with your two children x

  8. I loved Deadpool too, so very funny!
    I must head over to your Youtube channel and take a look. I really must get into vlogging more.
    Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day xx


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