Easter Fun, OBEM & Holidays | #LittleLoves


I hope everyone has had a lovely short week. I absolutely love this time of year as it means more family time, lots of fun activities to take part in, and obviously because of the chocolate! We've had a week of Easter fun, exciting emails and probably a bit too much of the chocolate I mentioned... but hey it's Easter, so it's allowed! Here's this weeks #littleloves..


I've read lots of blogs this week, as so many have been popping up on my newsfeed talking about the MADS and BIBS awards. My newsfeed has also been filled with posts about Jamie Oliver and the whole breast vs bottle debate. I have been keeping well out of it, but absolutely loved this post by Hannah. I just wish it didn't keep coming up, it turns everyone crazy!


One of my absolute favourite shows started again this week, One Born Every Minute! I cannot believe that last time it was on I was pregnant/just had Parker. I was a blubbering mess watching of course, and it's made me even more broody - nothing beats a birth story.


Time for another 'Indieism' I think! Everyday her speech improves, and although she's been saying 'love you' when you put her to bed for a long time now, I don't think she really understood what she was saying. Recently though she'll reply with 'love you more' and you can go back and forth with her for ages. It's so sweet, and makes me want to get her back up and give her lots of snuggles.


We've had a busy week doing lots of Easter activities. We don't really celebrate it, as we're not religious, but just had to get involved in the fun! We made these yummy Easter nest cakes (there's a vlog of it if you fancy a watch), and Indiana also had fun with this egg painting set from Poundland. They had some fab Easter bits in (the cake cases and stakes were also from there), which gave us hours of fun.


Excuse the blurry photo, kids really don't sit still haha. But I've spent far too much time dressing up with the kids this week - in particular this Anna crown. Most of the time I forget I'm wearing it and just carry on as normal. I also bought Parker this amazing romper this week. How cute huh? Hurry up holiday!

And Lastly...

On the subject of holiday, we got our E-Tickets through this week! I'm definitely on the countdown now, and am far too excited to go. As you can see Indiana is getting into the holiday spirit too!



  1. Love your Easter crafts. We also have some eggs to paint today and I still need to find a suitable branch for our Easter tree! Also a big fan of OBEM, it's the one TV show that always makes me emotional. Gorgeous pics of your little miss rocking the holiday shopping. Have a great Easter weekend :) x

  2. Ahhh love all your easter crafts and easter celebrations with the kids. How fun. Yes everyone does go crazy when it's brought up don't they? lol Happy Easter lovely #littleloves

  3. Ha ha OBEM makes me broody too! Doesn't have the same effect on my partner though unfortunately. Love that little outfit, how cute is that! Have a great Easter x

  4. We have four months to go until our holiday but I am just so excited! I cannot wait. She looks so cute in her sunnies. Love all the Easter-ness going on in your #LittleLoves this week! Have a wonderful easter weekend x

  5. Love the romper for Parker, it's so cute. I'm at the stage when I can't resist a cute baby outfit! Love the Easter egg painting, O would love that too. xx

  6. Love that romper! I've yet to watch this weeks OBEM. We have bathroom renovations going on so not the kind of thing I can watch with trades people in an out all day! Love the Easter egg painting kit (I nearly got my daughter one but got tempted by other bits). I love listening to toddlers language develop.

  7. That romper is so cute! I really miss buying baby clothes. Think I need a little shopping trip to spoil my nephew ;)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend xx


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