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There's not really been many things to love this week. We had a lovely weekend, but the rest has been pretty rough - I'm currently typing this whilst munching my way through even more crap food to make myself feel better haha. Our poor Indiana has had hand, foot and mouth and has been so poorly she even slept in our bed for the first time ever - strangely she took up less room than her baby brother haha. She's on the mend now though thankfully, and Parker has actually slept the best he ever has; he must have known we needed it! But anyway, onto the little things I have loved this week...


Not a book, but a step in the right direction I think - I actually read a magazine this week! I used to love flicking through a cheesy mag, and then completing the puzzles when I was done. I definitely want to do it more as it really helps you to switch off and get your mind of 'serious' things haha.


Far too many Disney DVDs and CBeebies! Well there's nothing better than snuggling up when you're poorly is there? We watch Bing religiously as Indie is a massive fan, and we always seem to catch the potato programme that's on before. It's got the catchiest theme tune ever and I'm still humming it now haha.


I'm not going to link it as I can't bloody stand it, but the Work song by Rihanna seems to be everywhere at the minute. I honestly have no idea what she's saying, and Jack and I just seem to make a joke of it every time it comes on haha.


Like I said Indiana has been a poorly little lady this week. We haven't really been up to much, and even had to miss our Diddi Dance class on Tuesday. To keep her spirits high we tried to do lots of fun activities at home, including painting. Indie has lots of fun and made a beautiful painting for her daddy!


Parker's been wearing lots of Indiana's old clothes this week. I absolutely love this part of having more than one little one, and although there aren't many things I can pass down, it's still so so cute when I can! I blogged about this Tommy & Lottie t-shirt before Indie was even one, and it still looks brand new on Parker now!

And Lastly...

I had a well needed night off on Wednesday, and had a lovely night out with my girls! What more could you want than good food and good company when you've had a rough day. It was then an extra bonus that Parker then slept all night too!


  1. Perhaps Indiana used that good sleep in your bed to recover :) Ahh bit of cheese magazines, really easy to read and don't use up brain power. I used to read them in the staff room when I worked at Wallis in Bhs, although they were mostly 'Bella' haha!
    Lily has always had a liking for those potatoes, and I always get their songs stuck in my head, have you heard 'Potato Love' yet?
    Parker looks gorgeous in that top, what a lovely grin. Have a good weekend :) xx

  2. Ah looks like you had a nice night with the girls on Wednesday. I have had a poorly one and the only thing she wanted to do was paint, so Saturday was a crafty afternoon for us. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Aww poor Indiana! My little one had hand foot and mouth twice, although both times very mildly. He gave it to my other half though and he was ill for weeks! Well done to little Parker for sleeping well, fingers crossed it continues for you! Glad you got a night out, sounds like you needed it x

  4. Poor Indiana. I think my toddler had something like hand, foot and mouth last year, it was an awful week! I hope she is better now. We've not seen the potatoes show. My toddler has become a bit of a peppa pig addict and won't watch anything else! Love the jumper Parler is wearing.

  5. Haha, how catchy is the Small Potato song, it gets stuck in my head all day and I find myself singing it at the most random of times. Love Parkers fox t-shirt, so cute! xx

  6. LOVE Small Potatoes, I used to enjoy watching it when my girls were little, it's just too cute!! xx


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