Me & Mine | March 2016


March has been a pretty exciting month for us! Mother's Day, Easter, watching the children grow and BIG decisions from me. We've spent so much quality time together as a family this month too. I probably say this all the time, but spending time just as a four really is perfect for me. Whether it's on a fun day out, like our trip to Hever Castle or just popping to our local Costa.. as long as we're together, I'm happy!

This month's photos were taken on Good Friday at Howlett's Zoo! We took advantage of my sister being there and got her to snap a few pictures of the four of us. None of them are perfect - as you can tell Indiana was NOT feeling the pictures, just look at that face!

That's not what this linky is about though. We've captured a memory of the four of us; the stubbornness of 2 year old Indiana, the curiosity of 7 month old Parker and the struggle Jack and I go through to get a decent picture haha. But I'll always look back on these pictures, and remember what a lovely day we had!

The most exciting part of this month (and equally scary!), is the fact that my Maternity Leave has come to an end. But I won't be heading back to work! We've decided that I'll be staying at home with our two little monkeys, and instead of going out to work I'll be using my blog and YouTube as a little bit of extra income instead.

I cannot wait to spend every day with my babies. Never missing a day of them developing and hopefully getting to see all of Parker's firsts. It does unfortunately mean Indiana will be stopping nursery, but hopefully she'll have just as much fun at home with mummy and Parker!

Here's to the next step in my mummy adventure!

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  1. Lovely photos, looks like a gorgeous day! Congrats on becoming a stay at home Mum, it was the best decision I ever made, even though some days id like to go to work for a rest!! You'll enjoy every second and it's lovely to be able to watch them grow and develop! Xx

  2. How exciting!! I gave up work almost two years ago and it was the best decision I've ever made. I love working on my blog and YouTube channel, they're now my work and hobby. And I get to be around my kids every day!! Your family is beautiful and these shots are gorgeous xx

  3. Indiana looks awesome with her glasses! I didn't go back to proper work after my second baby either, it just isn't practical with more than one littlie

  4. Ah lovely photos of you all, have fun being a stay at home Mum! I have been for my 3 kids for 11 years and I love it. Even when they get to school there is lots of things for you to join in with.

  5. Ah Emily these are STUNNING pictures! Everything about them is beautiful, the lighting is perfect and you all look gorgeous!

    I didn't go back to work after Tyne, I focused on my blog instead and 3 years on its still going well so fingers crossed it will be great for you too! xx

  6. Ha! Indiana's face is a picture - she really doesn't look impressed! That's very exciting news about deciding not to go back to work though. I've got another couple of months of maternity pay then I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. I was on a temporary contract before I had Gabe so I don't actually have a job to go back to!

  7. Enjoy your time with your growing babies, after all they are only little for a very short time, even if the days feel long xx

  8. Ahh these pictures are so so lovely!! Enjoy your time at home with your two gorgeous little ones - I'm back at work but part of me longs to stay home with Z! xx

  9. What lovely happy pictures! And how lovely for you to be staying at home with your little ones! I love Indie's sunglasses! xx


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