Mother's Day 2016


I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day whatever you did, and however you celebrated! Just getting to spend quality time with my two little babies was enough for me. Quality time with my big girl is much harder these days as Parker is such a clingy baby. Jack treated us to a little mummy, daughter date at a local craft workshop on Saturday though, which was just what we needed! We painted, cuddled, and I just sat and listened to her babble away without having anywhere else to be - perfect.

Sunday morning I enjoyed a lie-in and cooked breakfast which was a lovely treat (although I'm actually a lucky lady and get a 'lie-in' at least once a week!). We then decided to leave the zoo as the weather has been too unpredictable lately (and bloomin' freezing haha). We went shopping instead, which although isn't the most kid-friendly, was needed haha.

Indiana was on her best behaviour and walked so well, which made the day actually really enjoyable! I was also allowed to be set free in Next, which if you know me, is a very big treat! Both kids are now holiday ready too, so it was a win-win situation haha.

As a special treat we visited Bryon's for lunch. If you haven't been before you must. Their burgers are delicious and I am hungry just thinking about their sweet potato fries now... yum! Indiana had the cutest little meal, and even Parker got involved stealing my chips (the beauty of baby led weaning I think!).

I didn't manage to get a picture of Jack's meal, as he was already half-way through before I had the chance haha. It was gigantic though, and he tells me it was lovely too. Of course it wasn't all perfect, as Parker decided to bring back up some of his lunch all down me - ah the joys of motherhood hey!

After more shopping and many circles of Bluewater shopping centre, we decided on one final treat for the day. What better treat than a Kirspy Kreme doughnut? Obviously this was one not to share with the kids, although I think Indiana did sneak a couple of cheeky bites! 

I still can't believe this was my third Mother's Day. My first Indiana was just a few months old. Last year I had to work which was rubbish, but I had my little Parker bump to keep me company. Then this year I had my two beautiful little ones. I'm such a lucky mummy.

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