Mother's Day, Teething & PLL | #LittleLoves


This week has been a busy one! A lovely Mother's Day weekend, lots of cuddle time with my little ones and catching up with friends. It's also been a little crazy due to something I won't mention at the moment (yes I know, I hate it when people do this too... sorry), but I think that's made me enjoy it more!


I got two lovely cards for Mother's Day - one from the kids (created by Jack), and one Indiana made at nursery (most probably also created by Jack, but I'll pretend Indie did it haha). I had the loveliest messages inside and will definitely be adding them to my 'special box' when I take them down.


A whole lot of Pretty Little Liars! I know it's probably not created for my age bracket, and it's bloody awful. But I am absolutely obsessed, and can't stop watching! I watched all the previous seasons when I went on maternity leave before Parker was born, and couldn't wait for it to start again. It's the season finale next week - so obviously don't watch the video if you're not caught up haha.


Lots and lots and lots of crying :(. Parker is having a real rough time with his teeth at the moment. We're yet to have any pop, but you can see they're so close! Alongside he's got a nasty cold/chesty cough so he's needed a few extra snuggles to calm him down and soothe him. Not that I'm complaining, I miss those sleepy cuddles so much.


I've blogged all about my Mother's Day, which was a lovely day. The craft workshop was more for Indiana to make me something, but obviously I had to join in too! I painted this little unicorn (Indie's choice), and was rather proud of it haha. We get to collect the finished items this weekend, so we'll really see how well they came out.


As usual I haven't worn anything different from my staple leggings and tops. The little ones did get treated to new clothes though. Parker's leggings were all starting to resemble shorts as he has such long legs, and maybe because he was still wearing 3-6 month clothing at 7 months haha. I love refreshing their wardrobes, it makes dressing them even more fun!

And Lastly...

I am SO excited for this weekend! We won tickets to Hever Castle through the Kent Big Weekend so we're visiting on Saturday. Sunday we're then off to a local lambing weekend. Please stay away rain!


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely week. My three's clothes are getting a bit on the small side...I'm trying to hold off buying new until I can buy all warmer weather clothes, but I don't think I will be able to! xx

  2. We have a really great time at Hever Castle - you'll love it! Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Aww poor Parker! Hope his teeth stop bothering him soon. He looks adorable in his new clothes! Have fun at Hever castle, I love it there x

  4. What a lovely week, I love your little unicorn, I bet it looks great when you go to pick it up. Poor Parker, teething can be awful! xx

  5. We've been watching Pretty Little Liars too although we're still on season 3 and it is quite addictive. I hope Parker's teeth come through soon, teething is awful :( #littleloves

  6. Yep, Pretty Little Liars obsessed fan over here too! I'm defo not in the age bracket for it but I can't help be sucked in. I'm all up to date now and hate having to wait a week between episodes!
    Hope you've had a good week this week lovely xx


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