Mummy & Me | March


A year ago I wrote my first ever Mummy & Me post. Indiana was only 16 months old and Parker was a little 20 week bump! Looking back on that post I can't believe how little Indiana was, even though I probably thought she was too big haha.

I love that I've continued this linky for a year. It's been so lovely to capture my big girl growing up, me becoming a mummy of two, and a snapshot of Parker since he was born! So a HUGE thank you to Nicola for creating it; definitely join in if you aren't already.

This month's photos are from random days throughout the month. I probably had plenty of opportunities to get pictures of the three of us, but I think I love these 'unposed' shots just as much. They show just how cheeky and sassy Indiana is now, and just look how big Parker is!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Ahh, there are some lovely pictures of you and yours there! :-)

  2. Ive only just discovered your blog whilst linking up to Mummy & Me.
    Some great content! Im still reading but wanted to post to say hello!

  3. These are lovely, sometimes the ordinary moments are truly the best captures! I cant believe it has been a year of Mummy & Me already! I remember writing my first post too! xx

  4. Indiana looks more and more like you as she gets older! Love all these photos! #MummyandMe


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