My Wild Ones #10 | The Park


Sometimes I think the most simple trips are the most enjoyable. With Indiana being so poorly last week we didn't get out much. The second she was back to her happy self we grabbed the chance to get out and about, but kept it close to home, with a trip to the park.

It was beautiful weather, which I think just added to the happiness of the trip. We had the park to ourselves too, which is always the best - no-one else on the equipment for Indiana to get annoyed with (this girl REALLY doesn't do sharing haha).

Both kids were in the best moods and were happy and giggly the whole time we were out. Indiana walked the whole way there and back in knickers too - something we were VERY proud of (although it was actually my fault as I completely forgot she was in them haha).

Indiana was running around all over the place. Jumping, climbing and being exactly how a toddler be - wild and free! She was full of confidence and really surprised me with her climbing skills. It wasn't high, but I didn't know miss short-legs could manage the gaps haha.

This simple trip may not have been anything fancy. We may not have gone far. But it really was lovely - and has made me even more excited for the warmer weather. Parker might even be walking by summer too, which will make these trips even more fun!



  1. What a lovely post with some gorgeous photos. I love the spring when you can venture to the park and get some fresh air...and wear them out a bit! #mywildones

  2. I agree that the simple things are often as much fun as big organised days out. How grown up is Parker looking already?!?! Gorgeous photos. #MyWildOnes

  3. Oh goodness! Look at Parker on the swing! He looks so happy!! Gorgeous photos - nothing beats the park :)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  4. Aw they both look so happy! It's amazing when you manage to go out after being stuck inside isn't it?xx


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