My Wild Ones #11 | Animal Adventure Challenge at Howlett's Zoo


Earlier in the week I posted about our trip to Howlett's over the Easter weekend. It was such a fun-filled busy day, and Indiana was go-go-go from the minute we arrived, until she finally fell asleep on the drive home!

As well as the zoo, Howlett's have their own mini Go-Ape style course, called the Tree Top Challenge. It's obviously too grown up for Indiana and my nephews, but luckily they have a mini version too called the Animal Adventure Challenge! On our visit it was set up as a mini egg-hunt which made it extra fun. It was £2.50 per child, but that included a little prize too.

The kids had to climb, slide, swing and scramble all while looking out for little eggs. All of them were fantastic at it, especially Freddie (4) who even managed to swing along a couple of the monkey bars - good job little man!

With a little help from the adults they all found the eggs, and were awarded with some mini eggs and a fab little certificate each. And as you can see from Indiana's muddy knees, crazy hair and messy face, she absolutely loved it!



  1. Looks like she had the best time every. We always say if their clothes are dirty at the end of the day then they have had a good time!

  2. Ah looks like she had an amazing time!! I love her little outfit, even with the mud! :) xx

  3. Looks fun, I've never visited Howlett's. Give it a few years and they will all be climbing the ropes with ease! xx

  4. That looks great, you always know they had a great time when they get covered in mud! xx

  5. Oh how fab! Love her muddy knees, I spent most of my childhood like that!xx

  6. Wow! Look at her go! She's destroying that climbing rope!! Go Indiana! Like Hannah, I also spent most of my childhood looking like this!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  7. That looks brilliant - Go Indiana! #MyWildOnes


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