Our Easter Weekend | The Zoo, Egg Hunts & Snuggles


I hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! We most definitely made the most of Jack's extra days off, and I'm currently sat surround by chocolate wrappers, with a little huge food baby to show for it haha.

In true British style the weather has been absolutely naff, but we did manage to get out and about regardless. Friday was the most beautiful day, so we headed off to Howlett's zoo with my sister, her partner and her two boys.

It was one of my favourite days out of the year so far - glorious weather, the kids running around having fun, and the zoo is just beautiful too. From the moment we got there Indiana was in her element, running around giggling with her cousins. There was even a mini egg hunt/obstacle course for them to enjoy.

She was most definitely dressed for a summer's day, and wouldn't let her sunglasses out of her sight! Parker was such a happy boy all day too, although I think his favourite part was lunch time haha.

Indiana even had her face painted for the first time! We were unsure how she'd take it as it was way past her nap time (and she's a grump if she doesn't sleep haha), but she was fascinated by it. She asked to be a butterfly, and what a beautiful one she was!

Saturday was a lot more relaxed as we were out until gone 7pm on the Friday! I had to pop into work quickly, which gave us a perfect excuse for coffee and cakes. John Lewis also had a little egg hunt around the store for children, so Indie and Jack had great fun doing that. She loved doing it, and has wanted to 'find the eggys' ever since haha.

We did our own little egg hunt on Sunday morning. The weather was awful so we guessed it was better than nothing! Jack hid little eggs around the living room and we let Indie go find them all by herself. She did really well, and surprisingly she's still not eaten any... just played with them!

The rest of the day the kids went to play with Jack's parents, so we managed to spend some quality time together. Although honestly, we did spend most of it tidying and cleaning - such a parent thing to do! We had a lovely (baby free) family meal for my nan's birthday at The Hare in Langton Green in the afternoon. If you're local I'd definitely check it out, the pub is beautiful and the food was really good too.

Easter Monday was then spent shopping, snuggling at home and stuffing ourselves with chocolate! Parker learnt to pull himself up over the weekend, which we cannot believe! Jack being home meant he didn't miss it,  something that happens too often with him working, It really was a perfect weekend, and makes me cherish family time even more. I just wish there was a long weekend more often!

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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  1. Indie makes me laugh, she's such a little character! Looks like a lovely weekend! x


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