DC Super Hero Girls UK


We're big super hero fans in this household. Jack's got Indiana hooked from the start, and just because she's a girl, why can't she like super heroes? I'm absolutely thrilled that brands and companies are listening to parents and catering for girls too.

DC Entertainment have recently launched a new animated series focusing on girl super heroes: DC Super Hero Girls! The series features a dynamic group of heroes on their power discovering journey. As well as well known characters like Wonderwoman and Batgirl there's some new friends too. There's really a character that everyone can relate to!

I'm sure Indiana is going to love it, and it'll give me a break from boy cartoons too! The DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel is an easy way to watch on-demand, and from any device. For even more fun there's an extended online experience (including games and free printable activities) on the DC Super Hero Girls website, which you can check out here.

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