Dentist Trips, Colouring & A Clingy Baby | #LittleLoves


Another week over, and another #LittleLoves. I'm glad this week has gone quickly, it was strange having Jack back at work after a week off. Talking of strange, what is up with this weather?! It's been lovely and sunny one minute, then snowing the next! Come on England, it's almost May, give me some sun.


I promise I'll read a book at some point haha. We all had the dentist this week - Indiana's 3rd or 4th visit and Parker's 1st. I was very excited to show off Parker's one tooth haha. They both got these sweet little certificates for being so good, and I just love what the dentist wrote. These will be going straight into their special boxes!


I've been loving all of Sarah's (This Mama Life) pregnancy updates lately. Her announcement made me cry, then she got me again with the video of telling her husband Robert. She's done it again with this one - how sweet is her nana! 


We downloaded Disney Life for our holidays, but I think I've been using it more than Indie. There are  so many soundtracks on there, so I keep popping them on while we play instead of the TV. There's nothing better than a Disney sing along!


We picked up this Frozen puzzle with the tickets we won at Butlin's last week. Indiana decided she wanted to colour it in on Wednesday, so of course I had to help! She did give up after about 5 minutes, but I finished it off and was very proud of the finished product haha. I can't believe how grown up she looks in this picture, she holds pencils so well!


My children! Parker is teething, in the middle of a development leap and just a miserable little sausage recently. He's learnt so much I think his poor little brain is in overload, so I can totally understand. It's kind of hard to get anything done with this little limpet though. Throw in a miserable toddler and it's been an interesting week haha.

And Lastly...

I'm so glad it's a bank holiday weekend! It means Jack's only working two days next week before we're off on holiday again. So next week's post will *hopefully* be written from sunny Crete, where we'll be celebrating our honeymoon! Wish us luck with these two on the plane...


  1. Those certificates are so cute, I love it when professionals make a fuss over children, it definitely helps doesn't it?
    How exciting that you're off to Crete next week! Hope you have a lovely time and that the children are good on the plane for you ;) xx

  2. We've got dentist appointments next week, those certificates are a great idea. Have a lovely holiday! x


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