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Little Fingers Baby Food | Review

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Both of my little ones absolutely love their food. I honestly praise baby led weaning for playing a huge part in this.. although they're probably just huge foodies like their mummy and daddy! It's much harder weaning Parker though than it was Indie, as I just don't have the time to find recipes and cook up yummy treats. So when I stumbled upon Little Fingers Baby Food I was very excited, and couldn't wait to try their finger food!

The Yorkshire based company is family run by couple Marcus, a qualified chef and his wife Joanne who is a food developer. They too decided to follow baby led weaning when their first son Bobby was born. However they found there was a real lack of organic fresh finger food, so decided to set up Little Fingers, and make their own instead!

All of their food is handmade and prepared in their kitchen. It's then quickly frozen, which locks in the goodness as well as maintaining the quality. They use all locally sourced organic ingredients, making their treats not only yummy but really good for your little ones! They have a whole range of treats from sweet and savoury, to fish and other snacks. Of course as these are finger foods they are only suitable from 6months plus.

They arrived well packaged in a cardboard box full of ice blocks. Each treat comes in a pack of 10 in a resealable bag - so I could just pop the whole bag into the freezer ready for eating! Then when I wanted to give some to Parker all I had to do was take out as many as I wanted, and secure the bag back up to go into the freezer again - such a clever idea!

We tried four different products - courgette bites, squash bites, lentil and cheese fingers and apple and sultana cakes - and honestly they are all SO yummy! Both kids have been munching away and Jack and I haven't been able to resist either; just the smell of them alone enticed me in. They are packed full of flavour unlike most ready made baby food which is boring and bland. I love that they're flavours and treats we wouldn't usually buy or make either - they're a great way to get new foods into your child's diet!

Overall we have been highly impressed with the snacks. They are a little on the pricer side (prices range from £3.50 to £4.25 for a pack of 10). Delivery is also quite high (but this does come down if you order lots, and is obviously as the items need to be packaged properly). But honestly I think this is reasonable and they are worth this price. They are all handmade and packed full of fresh, organic ingredients; you're also paying for the convenience too!

If you want to try for yourself but don't know where to start, you can purchase a taster pack for £15 - a large 30 piece mixed pack, great for seeing which treats are yours and your child's favourites!

Disclosure - I was sent these products for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own

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