My Wild Ones #13 | Fun At The Fair!


You may have noticed from our social media that we're not at home this week! We're currently having the most wonderful week at Butlin's (check out our daily vlogs here), and having so many adventures, I didn't know which one to share.

Unfortunately Parker's been slightly poorly on our trip, so he hasn't had so many adventures, but Indiana has been absolutely loving Butlin's life! Her favourite so far has definitely been the funfair; although she's still a bit too short for most of the rides bless her. How cute is her face paint too? She wanted a butterfly and a ladybird... so she got both!

The helter skelter was loads of fun - her face in these pictures and the video doesn't really show it haha, but I promise she loved it, and we had to go over and over again!

After the helter skelter we ran straight to the carousel, and jumped on our horse Tilly. I tried to get Indiana to wave her hands in the air but got a firm telling off - you have to hold on guys!

Between rides we enjoyed some of the amusement attractions. Luckily you win a prize with every game here so Indiana wasn't left disappointed! With her hook-a-duck winnings she picked a fairy wand. She then spent the rest of the day casting spells and doing magic. I just love watching her play, she has a great imagination, and she picked up some Harry Potter spells pretty quickly too!



  1. Aw what beautiful photos looks like you all had a brillaint time.x

  2. Look at her gorgeous happy painted face! It looks like you've had a fab time!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

    ps hope Parker feels better soon

  3. She just looks like the most lovely, vibrant little girl, so full of personality! I'm glad you had a fab time and I hope Parker is feeling better xx

  4. Oh you have made me so excited for our up and coming butlins trip. We go in July xx

  5. So glad you had a good time - we went to Butlins last year and didn't have such a great experience. I think it was mostly because Toby was a bit too young to enjoy it all. Indiana looks like she was having an amazing time though. I hope Parker is feeling better now too. #MyWildOnes


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