Sleep, Making Friends & Harem Pants | #LittleLoves


If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that I posted a picture of myself and Parker this week. As if a switch has flicked, he has turned into the happiest little boy. He's constantly full of smiles and is learning so many new tricks - this week it's learning to pull himself up..eek! He's also sleeping!! After almost 8 months of waking 2, 3, possibly more times a night, and a very unsettled grizzly boy, it's the most wonderful feeling. And it's really lifted the mood of everybody this week!


I've been having a good blog catch up this week, after having such a busy Easter Weekend. I absolutely love Abbi from Lily Mae Adventures blog. Her photography is stunning, and Archer is making me want a little squishy newborn even more! This post about her Easter weekend was fab.


This little guy make new friends! I took Parker to London on Wednesday to meet some ladies from a Facebook group I'm in. All the babies are around the same age, and we've all been chatting since the beginning of January 2015! Parker absolutely loved interacting with the other babies, and loved the train journey too. He doesn't spend much time with other babies his age, so it was lovely to watch.


I absolutely love Sia and have had her new song on repeat this week. It features Sean Paul who's one of my guilty pleasures, I LOVE his songs.. even if I have no idea what he's saying half the time haha.


To be honest we've not made much. I've made a large dent in my easter chocolate pile haha, but I don't think that really counts!


How amazing does Parker look in these harems?! Parker was chosen as a brand rep for a new company called Rebel & Bandit, an Instagram shop run by one lovely lady, selling unisex and boys clothing. They have some amazing bits, and the quality it fab, so please do go check them out!

And Lastly...

It's Jack's birthday tomorrow so hopefully we get decent weather for a day out. We're going out for dinner just the two of us as well, which should be lovely. I love my little ones, but sometimes I just want to eat a meal without sharing it, or picking food off the floor haha.


  1. What a smiley boy, those harems are very cute. Glad you had a good time with a Facebook group meet up :) No more chocolate for me! Argh, its a big weakness of mine. Enjoy your date night for Jack's birthday, enjoy not tidying up!
    Sophie x

  2. Aww what a gorgeous smile! Glad he's finally letting you get some sleep bless him and those little harem pants are so cute. Might have to get my little nephew some. Enjoy your night out x

  3. Those harems are absolutely gorgeous! Great outfit choice. Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  4. Oh how lovely to be scrolling down your post and see a mention for me, thankyou lovely! Still think it's about time you had another squishy newborn, especially now Parkers sleeping ;) I'm so glad a switch seems to have been flicked. I remember feeling the same about Lily at that age so 8 months must be the magic number!

    I hope you and Jack have a lovely meal, I'm jealous! & on a random note where's Parkers top from in the first picture? I love it, I just recently bought a blanket in the same print! x

    1. Ah you're so welcome, I love your blog :). It's from Zara! Xx


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