Soft Play, Happyland & Elsa Hair | #LittleLoves


I honestly have no idea where this week has gone! Jack's back to doing his early shifts so he was home by 3.30 most days. I absolutely love these weeks as not only do the days fly by, but I don't have to do dinner and bed by myself either - always good! Today I'm all alone as both kids are with Jack's mum for the first time (well, for the first time where I'm not going anywhere haha). Hopefully they're having fun, and Indiana's not telling Parker to go home this time!


Well this is a combination of read and watched, but I couldn't not share! I absolutely loved this post from Katy, and her gender reveal video was so so sweet!. If you don't follow Katy's blog already, definitely go check it out! There seems to be a lot of people having a third baby at the moment, as it's making me want another even more haha.


We had a lovely little trip to soft play on Wednesday, which was actually Parker's first trip! It was lovely to watch Indiana explore and have fun - she was climbing, running, jumping and whizzing down the slides like crazy. She really has no fear! 

Parker absolutely loved the freedom of crawling around too (we're constantly rescuing him from places he shouldn't be at home). It was also a safe place for him to practice his climbing, as our wooden flooring at home isn't so soft.


I don't think I can even think of anything this week! Sorry :)


We got Indiana some more Happyland last weekend and it's been the top toy of choice all week! I've had great fun every evening creating a little village - I definitely think I enjoy this stuff more than her haha.


I had another emotional mum moment this week (I had one last week when Indie drew her first smiley face, sob!). Indiana came over to me and requested 'Elsa hair'. She then let me give her her first ever plait! It wasn't perfect but how bloody cute does it look?

And Lastly...

We're off to Butlin's on Monday and we cannot wait. I'll be sharing lots of pictures on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so make sure you're following! 


  1. How did I miss Katy's gender reveal.... Just watched it, how sweet. You can't go wrong with Happyland can you, my daughter had lots of the sets when she was younger. Have a fantastic trip to Butlins and hope the sun shines for you xx

  2. Have a wonderful time at Butlins, look forward to seeing lots of pics. My little boy is funny at soft play, it's taken him quite a while to gain the confidence to go off and have a good run around, for a long time he always wanted me with him but he has got better as he has got older. xx

  3. Ha ha love your Happyland village, you've clearly had about as much fun with it as I did with my daughter's Sylvanian families when she was younger! Have a great time at Butlin's x


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