The Grufallo, Anxiety & Baking Cupcakes | #LittleLoves


This week has been a busy one! Monday would have been my first day back at work, however instead I spent the day snuggling Parker, and began my journey as a stay at home mum / being self employed! I definitely spent more time snuggling my little ones, having fun and making the most of extra time I'm getting with them. We even met the Grufallo this week! Here's this week's #LittleLoves...


I had some of the most amazing messages and comments this week. Earlier in the week I shared my story with anxiety. I was terrified of putting it out there, but had no need to be. I've had lots of people message me telling me they feel the same, and that my post has really helped them. That alone has made it all worthwhile, and I'm hoping sharing will help me overcome it too.


Monday night was the season finale of The Walking Dead, and honestly I'm still a bit disappointed and annoyed with it. Don't get me wrong it was fantastic, and I'm probably just upset it's over haha, and that we have to wait 6 months for it to come back! Again I won't share a video incase it's a massive spoiler, but if you've never watched the show before, DO IT!!


Jack's iPod is full of some absolutely classics, and the same ones seem to always come on when we put it on in the car. We can never resist singing along to this one - if you say you don't too, I definitely think you're lying haha.


We made quite a few things this week! I got the recipe for this 3 ingredient Playdoh from Channel Mum, and Indie had loads of fun getting messy. It's just cornflour, conditioner and food colouring - super simple and it smells amazing!

We also made this sweet little Frozen cupcakes. Indiana is still obsessed so I knew these would be a hit, and the stormy weather gave us a perfect excuse to stay in and make them. Obviously they're a bit naff (the packet only makes 10 teeny tiny cakes haha), but she had fun, and that's all that matters!


Last Saturday actually began as a beautiful Spring day, so I actually wore something that wasn't a jumper and boots. Of course by the afternoon it was freezing cold and pouring with rain - but it was lovely while it lasted! Roll on May when I can wear these without worrying about the weather.

And Lastly...

We've officially got a date for our first Butlin's Ambassador trip! We're off to Bonor Regis this month and we're very excited, although hoping we get some decent weather for at least a couple of days haha.


  1. How lovely that you get to be a stay at home mummy - enjoy every minute. I wish I could be with my little chap more. That playdough looks great, going to have to give that a try! I've missed two weeks of TWD as our SKY has been broken - they are fixing it tomorrow, I know what I will be watching! Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. HOw fab that you can now stay at home :) ill try the playdoh tomorrow with my little girl. love your updates with parker as i have a 5 month old boy too.

  3. I've made that kind of playdough before, was a bit sticky, but if I need a quick playdough recipe that is one I can choose as I know I have most of the ingredients ( usually only if I have a super cheap bottle of conditioner haha!) Glad you are enjoying being a full-time blogger mummy :)
    Sophie x


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