Adventures In Crete // Our Familymoon



If you follow me on social media you'll know we've recently (very sadly) returned from our long awaited honeymoon! We waited 7 months for the trip, as our wedding was way back in October last year. But it was so worth it, and like all holidays it was over in a flash. It was probably more of a 'familymoon' though, as you can see we took the little ones. But for us we couldn't have imagined travelling without them, and they made the holiday that extra bit special.

We travelled to Crete and stayed at the absolutely beautiful Sensatori Resort, based in Analipsi. I had never stayed at a Sensatori and wasn't sure what to expect - it was incredible though and I'm already researching which one I want to visit next! As it was a special holiday we went all out and booked a family suite which even had a swim up pool - total luxury, and perfect for us with the little ones.

We took hundreds of photos and there will be a vlog montage up at some point - there's a lot of footage though (over 2 hours worth!) so who knows when that will be haha. I was unsure how to share them, so I'm just going to go through each day with a collection of pictures. So definitely prepare for photo overload... sorry!

We spent most of our days relaxing by the pool, going for little adventures and eating... a lot! The kid's never woke before 8.30am so everyday was a lazy day. We didn't make plans and just took each day as it came! One day we didn't even leave our room; we sat out on our terrace and swam in pourool. There was even a lovely man who came to us with drinks - proper luxury!

In the evenings we would dress up and head to dinner, followed of course by the children's entertainment. I think this may have been Indie's favourite bit, and she was totally in her element on the dance floor - she even won the best dancer of the day competition and got to go on stage! We then either had cocktails at the piano bar (where Indie did more dancing in-front of the piano), or we watched the adult entertainment. Parker would sleep in his buggy, and surprisingly Indie loved being able to stay up late.

So onto the photos! 


We spent our first full day by the children's splash pool. In the evening we explored the area outside the hotel. The beach wasn't the best, but Indie loved throwing stones in the sea regardless!


Another day, another pool! We relaxed by one of the actual pools this day, so that Indie could properly swim. Parker hated the water at first - it was bloody freezing so I don't blame him! - but loved splashing about once he got used to it. 

I managed to read an actual book while away (it's brilliant, go buy it if you haven't already!). We had milkshakes and slushies and soaked up the sun. It was heavenly. We then spent the afternoon by our pool, in the park and watching Playhouse Live.


We didn't even leave our room (well apart from breakfast and in the evening) this day. It was lovely to be so close to the pool and Indie gained so much confidence with her swimming on our trip.

We booked into one of the fancier restaurants for dinner, so got all dressed up - something I never do at home! I adore the family shots we got and I'll be getting these framed asap. We ended the night with more cocktails (when on holiday eh?) and another late night.


A day of exploring, shopping, playing, catching up on sleep and eating as much as possible. Perfect.


We took the land train to explore more of Crete - typically it was the hottest day of our trip which probably put a downer on it! It was loads of fun on the train though, although it was scarily fast and I thought Indie was going to fly off at one point haha. It went through all the old villages, as well as the more modern Hersonissos.

We made the mistake of getting off at the wrong stop though, and ended up wandering around in the heat for ages. Thank goodness we stumbled across a McDonalds, as I did think I was going to pass out at one point - I think my body hates the sun!


Our last full day was spent back at the splash pool. I was slightly pink by this point so didn't go in. But Indie had a whale of a time splashing about and going down the slides with Jack. We even found a paddling pool, so I plonked Parker in and he happily splashed away while I relaxed!

I couldn't believe how quickly our holiday was over. I wish we had booked a longer trip! We ended the week with more yummy food, and sat by the piano bar where Indie and I shared a cocktail. 

The week was absolutely perfect, and I couldn't have wished for a better trip for our Honeymoon. It was luxurious, relaxing, and exactly what we needed. I'd very much like those 9am lie-ins back please little ones!


  1. Wow what beautiful photos! Looks amazing and making me want our honeymoon to hurry up! :) xxxx

  2. Looks like a perfect family moon ��

  3. It looks and sounds like the perfect holiday xx

  4. I could never imagine going away without my two either. I've always wanted to go to Crete, it looks fab! x

  5. This is one of my most favourite places in the world, we've been 6 times and I've blogged about it a few times, I lsve how friendly and family orientated it is

  6. The hotel looks amazing & some beautiful pictures! How funny is that book I loved it X

  7. Ahh looks like you had a ball :) we have that same towel for Lu, it's fab isn't it!

  8. Lovely post and photos... I really want to go here! We went to the Tenerife Sensatori for our first babymoon which was lovely but heard the one in Crete is even better... Gonna wait a few years as the 4 hour flights puts me off! Anyway, glad you had such a lush time... Rest and play rocks! Xx

  9. Wow! The hotel looked amazing! Sounds like you had a lovely week away! I cant wait for our honeymoon, we are doing something different and no kids as well haha! Ill definitely be looking this place up though, we just got back from Rhodes but I would like to try other islands too xx

  10. Great time you had. We are going to Spain in August. This was supposed to be our honeymoon as we were supposed to get married the end of July but venue closed down where we booked but we are still going as its nice to get away as a family.
    I am stressing about what to bring for the kids though to cover them from the sun.


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