Fairytales, BGT & A Honeymoon Vlog | #LittleLoves


Phew.. what a week! We've been super busy with days out, visiting family and friends and I've had lots of work to do too. I can't decide if Indie's favourite bit was visiting nanny, Auntie Gemma or seeing mummy's friend and her twins! Every day she's been excited, and it's made me even feel even happier about my decision to stay at home with them. 


After getting out of the habit slightly with bedtime stories (I blame our holidays for the lack of routine), Indie and I have been reading lots this week. I've mentioned it before, but I really do hope my children get my love for reading. We've been watching Harry Potter recently and both Jack and I agree the books just have so much more in them! Here's Indie reading me some stories about fairies - obviously dressed as Elsa too haha.


I do absolutely love Britain's Got Talent, so I thought I'd include it. But does anyone else think this year has just been a bit.. naff? Yes there have been some fantastic acts - that magician was amazing! - but dancing polar bears and the singing Davros? Bloody awful!


Justin Timberlake is back again - woohoo! 


I finally edited our honeymoon vlog this week - getting over 2 hours worth of footage down to 10 minutes was hard work haha. I love how it turned out and have been watching it again and again all week. Take me back!


Nothing special from me. This little guy though - always wearing his dinner! His eyebrows were still orange this morning haha. He always seems so happy with himself though, and I suppose that's the joy of baby led weaning.

And Lastly...

It's another Bank Holiday weekend woohoo! Let's just hope the weather is actually decent... I'm not holding out much hope though haha.


  1. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I could read the books over and over! Once I have a little longer I will watch the vlog! Hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend xx #LittleLove

  2. I'm not really a Harry Potter fan but my hubbie loves it and aften asks if Meme is old enough to watch it!!

    The JT song is fab such a feel good summer song! Enjoy the bank holiday weekend xx

  3. I totally agree about BGT, I've been watching it every night but it's not really been that great has it?
    I'm looking forward to having a watch of your honeymoon video, we went to the Sensatori in Egypt a few years ago, we loved it and would love to try going to another. We really like the look of the Ibiza one but it is so expensive!
    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend xx

  4. Glad you have enjoyed your week. I'm sure your kids will love reading as much as you. I loved the Harry potter books but not the films. I have your honeymoon video in my playlist. Enjoy the bank holiday.

  5. Oh my word, how smiley is Parker in your honeymoon video! There's one bit where he's just laughing and smiling his head off that is utterly adorable - I'm not broody at all (much)!

    And what a gorgeous little Elsa Indie makes! I hope my two pick up my love for reading too, although to be fair my 14 year old is never without her nose in a book, so I guess that's one down one to go!

    Have a good week x

  6. I've always been a bookworm but since having kids I can barely string a sentence together let along read a chapter. I'm relying on audio books at the minute but they are just not the same. My first experience of book over movie was the BFG went I felt outraged that not every word of the book that I loved could not be included. I think I still feel bitter ... haha!

  7. Wow what a great honeymoon video wish I had been vlogging and blogging when I got married so many memories not captures. So beautiful to watch over and over again too. My two love reading as much as me and hubby so it's lovely to see. Looks like you all having a good time - Elsa! lol #littleloves


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