Holiday Blues, Smoothies & Game of Thrones | #LittleLoves


I can't believe I missed two weeks worth of #littleloves! We travelled on our holiday on a Thursday and then obviously flew back on a Thursday too, making it tricky to write. We had a fantastic time away though (you can read about it here), and it was SO refreshing to take some time off from social media / work / life if general! I've been non-stop since we returned, so I'm definitely making up for the time I took off haha.


This was technically a holiday read, but I finally caught up and read The Unmumsy Mum! It was fantastic and I found myself reading so much of it out loud to Jack, or nodding along giggling away. It felt SO good to finally read too; I think the last time I read a book was when I was pregnant with Indie over 3 years ago. It's made me want to get back into reading, as I was really passionate about it before - so please hit me with your recommendations!


We had SO much to catch up on after a week away! Game of Thrones has been so good this series, especially after the disappointment of the last one. Somehow even though we were in Crete, with about 2 English TV channels, we still managed to find out the storyline before watching it though - what are the chances?!


Mama. Mama. Mama - Parker can finally say it! And it is the best sound ever... although come back to me when he's screaming 'muuuuuuuum' at me like his sister does and I may have changed my mind!


We made some yummy banana and strawberry smoothies with our Nutribaby! Both kids absolutely loved them and they were so easy to make - we basically just made up the recipe haha. There will be a separate post up about them soon.


It's back to my normal wardrobe after a week of sun. I miss my sandals! It's typical we missed the sunny weather while we were away - come back sun!!

And Lastly...

I battled and won with my anxiety again this week. I met up with the girls and babies from my 'due in' group again, and honestly didn't even feel worried or anxious! The trip involved 2 different buses and took over an hour both ways too. I'm so proud of myself for going (I know it probably sounds silly), and I'm hoping it's another step closer to getting on that train to BML soon.


  1. Wish I'd of got those milestone cards when E was born but never knew about them. As for the Unmumsy Mum, it was a laugh a minute and I loved reading it! #littleloves

  2. I really need to treat myself to the Unmumsy Mum. I think its the law that you have to read on holiday. Nothing better than lying in the sun and having time to yourself, even when you have kids with you x

  3. Super cute photo with the milestone cards- I wish I had those when my two were little.
    I am loving GoT too- I never want it to end.
    I think I might buy the Unmumsy Mum book for my holiday in August.

  4. Glad you had a lovely holiday. The unmummsy mum book sounds good. It's so lovely when they say mama for the first time.

  5. So lovely when they learn to say "Mama" or "Mummy". It was long awaited with my first but was one of my second's first words. You may have convinced me to give the latest season of GoT a go...

  6. SO pleased you had such a wonderful holiday!
    I adore those milestone cards, I wish they were around when mine were babies. Saying mama for the first time is such a lovely moment. xx


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