Me & Mine | April 2016


Oh April, you've been a busy month! Celebrating Jack's birthday, my maternity leave ending and an action packed week at Butlin's. Not forgetting the days out and fun in between; including Parker learning to stand and finally getting his first tooth!

Being so busy hasn't given us much time to take the perfect shots for Me & Mine this month. We did have a few opportunities in Butlin's, but we were so busy enjoying ourselves we didn't really think about it! We did get this one, but it's not the best haha - Indiana was mid strop and Parker just wanted to play. I'm glad I captured though it as just one look brings back so many memories.

I took these shots Saturday morning. Every weekend we all get into our bed and snuggle up. It's a perfect routine and I always try and capture the moment. I could probably look back over the months and watch Indiana and Parker grow. They're far from perfect and I hate how I look in them (hello chins haha!), but oh well, these are memories with my babies I want to remember (and continue) forever.

Indiana is at such a fun age now. She's done so well with potty training and is completely dry in the day. This morning she woke up and just started singing 'Let It Go' to herself, and is constantly running over to me to tell me she 'loves my mummy'! Then there's our cheeky little Parker who's at my favourite baby age. Crawling, babbling, wanting to be on the move so badly. This month has been a big one for him development wise, and although I miss the newborn stage, I love this one even more!

We've got another exciting month coming up in May; starting with our familymoon next week after waiting 7 months for it! Here's to making more family memories.. and hopefully capturing a better family photo for next month haha. Oh and to sunny weather - come on England!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Such cute pictures.I hope you enjoying your family moon together. It'll be fab. x #meandmineproject

  2. Oh I love these pictures. We do the same on the weekend and they are such precious times out in a busy life xx


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