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Me & Mine | May 2016


How am I writing this month's Me & Mine post already?! It only feels like yesterday I posted last months, where we were so excited for our honeymoon. We had the most amazing trip and we've got serious holiday blues still - so much so I may have started looking at possible destinations for a summer holiday next year haha.

We managed to capture some amazing moments on our trip, and I think these photos are my all time favourite.. so far of course! These were taken on our terrace just before dinner one night. We set up the tripod and took about a hundred photos. We were getting the weirdest looks (we probably did look a little odd haha), but we didn't care. Looking a bit odd for a few minutes, has given us some gorgeous family photos that will last a lifetime! 

As well as our holiday we've had plenty of lovely family days out, including a trip to Chartwell, the zoo, and local parks. Even when Jack's been at work I've kept us busy with trips to see family, meeting friends and plenty of snuggly home time too. Jack and I even managed to have a date day while his parents took the kids to the farm. It was such a lovely day, and has made me want to do it more often!

Parker is completely on the move now - he's climbing, cruising, walking with his push along walker and basically being a little menace haha. I simply love this age though, and I cannot wait to see what my partners in crime will do in June!

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  1. Happy Honeymoon! Lovely photos, looks like you had fab weather. X

  2. So glad you had a wonderful trip. Lovely pictures x

  3. Oh what beautiful photos and a gorgeous spot - it certainly looks like a holiday to remember :)

  4. Such gorgeous photos, and glad you had a great honeymoon! I have spent all morning looking at holidays as the miserable weather here is starting to get to me! xx

  5. Ahhh these are gorgeous photos!!! Sod the people giving you weird looks, these photos are so worth it! Glad you had an amazing honeymoon! xx

  6. Sounds like you had such a good month. I know what you mean about the tripod and taking loads of pics lol. You'll have to frame one of these to remember your honeymoon x #meandmine

  7. Beautiful pictures, sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Xx


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