My Wild Ones #15 | The Beach


The beaches on holiday weren't the best. They were stoney, and a bit rough, but they totally beat our pebble beaches at home! Indie loved them though, and although we didn't actually sit on the beach, or go in the sea, it was probably one of her favourite places.

Throwing stones in the sea quickly became the best game ever! Jack took these shots before our adventure on the land train (we left her hat on the buggy which is why she's wearing Jack's haha). She looks like such a cool little lady, and I just love how happy she was in this moment.



  1. Lovely photos. It still looks a nice beach even if a bit stony! #mywildones

  2. Gorgeous photos - Indiana looks like she is having so much fun throwing stones in the sea and she looks so adorable in Jack's hat :-)

  3. Awww look at her (thought I was so confused as thought noooooooo J isn't standing already lol). She looks like she had great fun #MyWildOnes

  4. She looks so awesome with her hat and bracelets, love it! Shame the beaches weren't amazing but it looks like Indie still made me most of it xx #MyWildOnes

  5. Aww! Sand or not, it looks like she's having a fab time!

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx


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