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Potty training was a scary thought at first. However as we've gone through Indiana's journey I've realised it's not been so bad, and with the right products it can be enjoyable! If you've read my previous potty training posts, you'll know we started Indie's journey when she was 27 months. One of the products we've loved using, and will definitely be recommending is Dry Like Me potty training pads.

Dry Like Me was created by two busy working mums Jude and Di, who knew that the key to successful potty training was helping your child learn their body's cues. Teaching them that what it feels like to have those little accidents, so in turn they learn and understand.

One of Jack's top tips he learnt from teaching children at work, was that putting a child in a pull-up doesn't help with their understanding. They still feel like they're in a nappy, so will most likely keep wetting. Dry Like Me pads are different, they go into their underwear and they let your child feel when they have had an accident (it is however absorbed to avoid irritation). This teaches them to understand what it feels like, and in turn learn to use the potty / toilet.

Although they let your child know when they have had a little accident, they create less mess than if your child was just wearing pants/knickers. This in turn makes tidying up less stressful, and therefore the whole experience a more pleasant one for both you and your child. The box even contains a little wet bag to pop any soiled/wet bits!

The pads come in three different types. Early Days for when you first begin your journey - these are thicker and more absorbent while your child learns. Original (these are the ones we use), are thinner and are more designed for when your child is getting the hang of using the loo - great for when you're out and about or preventing poo accidents. Finally there are Night Time pads, which are for when you've cracked the day time training, and are ready to tackle being nappy free during sleep! We're yet to use these yet, but I know when we do they'll be just as fab as the original!

We have mostly used the pads when out and about - either travelling in the car, when walking long distances without a loo, or when we're at a location without regular toilets. They're very easy to pop into Indiana's knickers before we go, and I can discretely take them out when I feel it's okay to as well. Jack does struggle to get them in (he never remembers which way round they go haha), but I think that's just because he doesn't read the instructions!

I definitely think these pads have helped Indiana with her potty training while out and about (we don't have experience of using them continuously as we haven't needed them at home). They're so easy to just pop into her backpack and give us peace of mind incase she doesn't make it to the toilet in time. I would say though that I think it would be handy for the star design to change colour/disappear if your child did have an accident - this would make it easier for us parents to know, and you could teach your child too!

They can be purchased here (where you can also find really useful potty training advice and other helpful tools!). Each type is available in a 4 pack and retails at £10 with FREE UK shipping.

Disclosure - We were sent some Dry Like Me products for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own

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  1. Lovely potty training pads! Little Indiana will really get the hang of it.


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