Baby Boys First Birthday Wish List


I honestly cannot believe that Parker's birthday is just over 7 weeks away - definitely time for a first birthday wish list! We've left party planning and present buying quite late compared to with Indiana. It's not because we've been less bothered, but we've just found it so much more of a struggle. What do you buy a boy who has everything?

We decided to go all out 'boy' in the end though and get Parker lots of boys toys. Of course he doesn't care, but it will be nice for him to have something of his own - that isn't second hand or pink haha. We're well aware that Indiana will be playing with the toys too though, so haven't got him anything too babyish.

1 - Cath Kidston Robot Food Tray - We got Indiana one of these divider plates for her first birthday, so knew we wanted to carry on the tradition. How cute is this robot design? I may have to get the matching bowl and cup too.

2 - Happyland Fly and Go Jumbo - Parker loves playing with Indiana's Happyland toys, so want to get him some of his own. I love that this is on wheels, so as well as playing with the people in it, he can push it along too.

3 - V-Tech Toot Toot Drivers Garage - Jack really wanted to get P some cars so this Toot Toot Drivers garage is what we've chosen! We already have one of the cars which he really enjoys, so we know this will be a hit.

4 - Disney Bath Toys - These are similar as the Cars version aren't online, but there are lots of difference designs. You can't go wrong with bath toys, and these ones are just so fun!

5 - 'One' T-shirt - Not really a present, but this will be to wear on his birthday. I absolutely love this design from Blueberry Boo Kids, although I have no idea what colour to order.

6 - Jamm Scoot Aqua Racer - How cute is this scooter?! I much prefer wooden toys and I know this one will last for a long time. It's a gorgeous colour and I just know he would absolutely love it.

7 -  V-Tech Toot Toots Cars - Of course Parker will need some cars to go with his Toot Toot bits. We'll probably be asking for these from family and friends too.

8 - Wooden Noah's Ark Shape Sorter - Like I said above, I love wooden toys, and have fallen in love with this Noah's Ark! We have regular shape sorters but love this animal design - and I know both children can play with the animals separately too.

We'll probably ask for gift vouchers towards bigger sized clothing, or money to go into his bank account from family - we definitely don't need many more toys haha. I hope this has been helpful for anyone else in our situation though. It was definitely so much harder to decide on gifts this time though. Just to buy them now... and start party planning!


  1. Some fab ideas Emily. Love the scooter and food tray. Can't believe out baby boys I'll both be one soon. Time has gone too quickly :-(

  2. Some really great ideas here. I really need to get the food tray for my Parker....although most of his dinner ends up on the floor at the moment anyway 😂 xx

  3. Lovely list, we had the full robot set from CK, the food tray and plate have been smashed and repurchased twice. I've given up! The melamine shatters easily if thrown :(

    We did toot toot for Taylors 1st birthday, great choice. xx

    1. Oh no :( indiana has had hers since her 1st birthday and it's still as good as new over 1.5 years later! I only started giving her it when she could have a plate haha xx

  4. Oh my goodness, the happyland plane is too cute! Willow loves happyland too and Allana likes to chew on them- must be good for teething! And the robot food tray is fab, do you think I'm too old for one?!? Haha! I think Parker is going to be one very happy little man on his birthday xx


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