Drop the Mic, Crawling & Raincoats | #LittleLoves


Happy Friday, and happy June! I can't believe we're in June already. No honestly, I can't - it's freezing cold, wet and miserable haha, where's the summer? We've had a lovely week regardless though. We managed to make the most of the little bit of sun last weekend, with a trip to the zoo. And tried out Carluccios for lunch for the first time too. Here's what else we've been loving this week...


I've managed to read lots of blogs this week, which makes me so happy! One I loved was this one from Brummy Mummy of 2 - I could really relate as I felt exactly the same on our recent holiday. No one cared or even looked at me, so just go for it ladies and enjoy your holiday!


James Corden has done it again. This 'Drop the Mic' between David Schwimmer and Rebel Wilson was amazing, although I couldn't help but think how old David was looking! 


I can't really think of anything this week. Jack and I did have a date day last weekend though, so it was lovely to have proper adult conversation, without being disturbed by kids!


I haven't actually made anything this week, so this is probably cheating a bit. But Parker has actually 'made' progress with his crawling! After 4 months of dragging himself along like a caterpillar, he can finally crawl on his hands and knees. As you can see he's VERY proud of himself.


Our raincoats... again! I wish I didn't buy these two so many summer clothes, as every outfit has been covered by a coat this week. 

And Lastly...

I'm not sure what I'm going to get up to this weekend. Jack's off to London to attend the Dad Network Live. He's really excited, and it's great that there's something happening for dads! He'll be vlogging, so definitely check it out when it's up.


  1. I am loving that star raincoat! I love stars and I LOVE that you have rain and ice cream in the same post :) x

  2. Love that picture of Parker crawling, so cute!! xx

  3. Sorry you have had some rubbish weather! It's been absolutely glorious here in the Lake District! I loved the Rebel Wilson/David Schwimmer rap battle with James Corden. That show has some of the best celeb sketches! x


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