My Wild Ones #19 | Reaching Another Milestone...


When I first bought these baby milestone cards I was so excited to start using them. At first the milestones were slow, and it was easy to just lay Parker down, place the card next to him and click away. These days though, it's a nightmare! And with each passing milestone I'm wanting him to be my little newborn again even more.

Parker's newest skill is standing (if you can read the card that's what it says haha). He's gaining so much confidence and can stand for longer each day. It's such an exciting but bittersweet time, the leap between baby and toddler. I just wish Parker would stay still for a second, so I can actually use the cards like I dreamed about all those months ago haha - I had to bribe him with food for this one!



  1. Oh gosh! He looks to little to be standing :( where did our babies go! I gave up with the milestone cards in the end haha most of the time I just forgot we had them which was annoying xxx

  2. I remember reading your blog post about when Parker was born! Time flies so fast, I can't believe he is standing now. Sarah #MyWildOnes x

  3. We didn't have those with my kids, they're a fun idea. Well done to him on a big milestone! #mywildones

  4. Aww YAY!!! Well done Parker! Lovely news :)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx

  5. Ahhhh how cute does he look standing up, he looks so tiny to be standing! Next is the steps...!


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