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You may know that I have a teeny tiny HUGE obsession with Next for the kid's clothes. So where else would I look when it came to Parker's 1st birthday outfit? We're going to get him a special 'one' top for his party, but I just love these bits for the actual day!

Parker's birthday is on August 4th - but you know what summers are like in England.. so I've planned for all occasions:

1 - Mustard Bomber Jacket (instead of the hoody if it's wet!) - I am a little bit obsessed with this colour, and both Jack and I adore this jacket. The inside is lined with arrow print too, making it extra cool.

2 - I Am One T-Shirt - Of course he needs a special birthday t-shirt! Next do all the ages up to 10 I believe, for both boys and girls. This one is perfect as we love stripes in this house, and the caterpillar is super cute too.

3 - Bright Stripe Socks - Socks are pretty much just a necessity - but they don't have to be boring!

4 - White Converse - Parker's getting so close to walking, so we've agreed that if he by his birthday, we're going to get him his first pair of Converse! I never knew Next actually sold these, so it was a lovely little surprise.

5 - Yellow Hoody - There's that mustard colour again! If it isn't raining he'll have a jumper instead, as you never know if it'll be warm haha.

6 - Denim Light Blue Jeans - I'm not a huge fan of babies in jeans, but figured he won't be a proper baby anymore once he's one! These are super cool - the little turn ups are my favourite bit.

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