The Ultimate Camping Guide 2016 from Halfords


Growing up UK holidays were what my family loved to do. We've been all over; from the most westerly point at Land's End in Cornwall, all the way up to Loch Lomond in Scotland. The really do hold some of my most fondest memories. The great outdoors played a huge part in these trips, and we've stayed in caravans, cabins and lodges. Jack was the one who did the camping as a child though and he's always told me stories of how fun it was.

Now our two are getting older, we've agreed we'd love to take them on similar holidays. To let them enjoy the great outdoors like we did. I'll admit I'm still not into the whole camping idea, but I think I've found something that might make me think otherwise.

The Ultimate Camping Guide from Halfords has all the information you'll ever need when considering a camping trip. The first few pages give you an idea of where to visit - tourist hotspots, events and examples of campsites too! Locations include Cornwall, Scotland, Norfolk, Yorkshire and the Lake District, so there's plenty of choice for whether you want to stay close to home, or travel further afield.

Once you've picked your location, the guide is full of helpful tips and tricks to make your trip a enjoyable experience - this bit is the most helpful for me I think! How to choose the right tent (and how to put it up), survival tips, essentials and even a page on how to glam up your trip - the page I went straight for! The back of the guide even has a handy packing checklist so you can't forget any of the essentials.

The guide is a great size, making it handy to slip into a bag - and can even be downloaded if you can't get your hands on a paper version. It's bright, colourful and full of really useful information. I love that each area has it's own map so you can see what's there - from campsites, to cycle routes and places of interest.

With this guide I really think we could have a fantastic camping experience. We're off to Norfolk in October, and although not camping I think I'll be bringing the guide along too. And who knows, maybe next year we'll be brave enough to plan a proper camping trip!

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  1. We camped twice last year with Willow and it went well, she loved it and so did Hubby but I was struggle to sleep in a tent- it might not have been helped by camping whilst pregnant though 😂 I have to admit I much prefer staying in a caravan or cabin and would be quite nervous to camp with two but this camping guide looks fab! Might have to pick one up xx

  2. I love camping. Not seen this halfords guide before though? You should give it a go :)


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