A Trip to the Park with Hotter Shoes


Sometimes there's nothing better than a trip to the park, and I think my two would spend all day there if they could! Now Parker's walking (and practically running sometimes), I do lots of chasing about all over the place, so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must.

Recently I was invited along to a local Hotter store to learn about and try their shoes. Hotter started out in 1959, where they became famous for selling slippers. Since then they've grown and developed to sell not only shoes but fab accessories too. Honestly my initial thoughts of the brand was 'old lady'. But after visiting and seeing the shoes for myself though, they really do cater for everybody!

I chose the 'Mabel' pumps in this gorgeous colourful floral print. If you know me you'll know I'm a bit obsessed, so these were calling my name the second I entered the store! Hotter shoes are known for their comfort, and I have to say they don't lie.

I have annoyingly wide feet, they're a half size too so I always struggle to find good fitting, comfortable shoes. Usually when I wear new shoes they rub and give me blisters, but I haven't had any trouble from these. Even running about all over the park from the slides to the swings I was super comfortable.

Hotter shoes come in half sizes which is such a good selling point. A lot of the designs come with insoles too so you can get the perfect fit. They even offer a 90 day 'no quibble' guarantee so if they're not comfortable you can take them back - either for another pair or a full refund!

I know I won't be returning mine! Have you visited a Hotter shoe store before?

Disclosure - I was gifted this pair of shoes in exchange for an honest review

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  1. I love these shoes! Love a floral print, they look so pretty but comfy too, glad you've found a pair of shoes suitable for days at the park :) Xx


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