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What a lovely month I've had with these two little monkeys! The older Parker gets the more affectionate and loving he becomes. He is such a mummy's boy, and will come over to me throughout the day to get his mummy cuddle fix, before walking off to play again.

He was pretty poorly with his teeth at the beginning of the month, and spent two days just snuggled up on me. As sad as it was I did love the cuddles, and it's such a lovely feeling knowing how much comfort he gets just from being close to me. He's also learnt to give kisses this month, so I get plenty of those daily too!

Indiana on the other hand is my little daddy's girl. We do have plenty of cuddles and giggles, and lots of fun, but she definitely prefers Jack to me. She does tell me I'm the best mummy ever though, and she tells me I'm beautiful, so I can't complain too much I suppose!

I took these pictures of the three of us on an impromptu trip to the park! I love how much my two love a selfie, which makes getting pictures of the three of us a little easier. How much is Parker starting to look like his daddy too?!

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  1. Great pictures. Love that you managed to both children looking, not easy! Teething sucks, poor Parker. I think little girls always have a special place in their heart for dads! Thanks for linking up x #mummyandme


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