My Wild Ones #20 | First Shoes


It's been just over a week now since Parker took his first steps - they really were steps as he took about 3/4 on his first attempt! Since then he's grown in confidence and can happily walk across a room, steadying himself when he wobbles.

With first steps comes first shoes! Of course we headed to Clarks,where a lovely young girl helped measure Parker's feet - a 3.5 G. Getting the shoes on Parker's feet was a much tricker task (it was actually a nightmare of screaming and fighting, but I'll pretend it was a fun experience haha). 

He's just so grown up now! Check out my weekend vlog to watch him model them.



  1. Look at his face, he looks very happy with his new shoes, even if he hated having them put on. I can't remember going and getting Luca's first pair, wish I had of recorded it on the blog now to look back on. He'll be off like a shot now he has proper shoes to walk around in.
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  2. Aww bless him! He looks so happy in them :) We got H's feet measured the other day too and managed to find him a bargain in the sale! I can't believe our babies are walking!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx


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