My Wild Ones #21 | Heatwave!


Isn't the weather crazy? One week it's torrential rain and freezing cold, and now we're in a heatwave, melting during the hottest day of the year! We made the most of it though, and headed straight to my sister's house to enjoy her garden. 

A summer's day wouldn't be complete without a paddling pool, ice lollies and lots and lots of sun cream. Parker last went swimming on our familymoon back in May, so he was very excited to get in the pool. The second he was in there he was splashing and giggling - and getting me absolutely soaked!

Indie was in her element, and had such a lovely time playing with her cousins in the pool and sand. I am so thankful for these UV all in one swimsuits. They cover up almost every inch of skin so you only have to worry about lower arms, legs and faces!

And just how cute does Parker look toddling about in his Cuddledry UV poncho towel? Perfect for keeping a soaking wet, sand covered little one dry and protected from the sun. The fact he looks like a little blue ghost is just a bonus!



  1. It is soooo hot. What a treat though! I do love sunshine - I can't wait until Friday when my kids break up from school. Sarah #MyWildOnes

  2. Awww so cute indeed and yes when theres a heatwave, pool and ice lollies makes things better =) #mywildones

  3. Absolutely adorable and we did the same this week for our #mywildones :-)

  4. I can't wait till Poppy can sit and play! Thanks for hosting #mywildones

  5. I can't wait till Poppy can sit and play! Thanks for hosting #mywildones

  6. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had lots of fun in the heatwave!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx


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