My Wild Ones #22 | Climbing up the Hill


Parker is one determined little boy! He took his first steps (and they were steps, he took about 4/5 on his first attempt) at 11 months. Since then he doesn't want to do anything else. He's already learnt how to push himself up to standing, so he really is fully mobile now! So wherever we are, he wants to walk - even if it's up a huge hill...

No matter how many times he fell, he got straight back up again. He was walking up that hill even if it took him all day haha - and this clever boy actually did make it pretty far! I love his concentration face and little wobbly steps.



  1. Oh bless him, Emily he is SO adorable!!! What a little adventurer! #MyWildOnes

  2. Ah there is no stopping him now! He looks adorable in his outfit :) #MyWildOnes

  3. Oh bless him! He looks like he's having a ball! Love his suit too :)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx

  4. Oh bless him! Gabe is still a way off walking I think but I reckon he'll do it before Toby did, he was 15 months before he was walking!


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