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Happy Fri-yay! I am so glad it's the end of the week. Not because it's been long or bad, but because it marks the start of Jack's week off, and Parker's birthday week! We've been busy with trips to the park, meeting blogger friends and movie days this week. Here's my #littleloves;


I've actually managed to read lots of blogs this week, which I've really missed. I absolutely loved this post from Lucy at Mrs H's Favourite Things. There's nothing quite like seeing your children meet for the first time, and I can only imagine how special this was for Lucy and her husband!


I met up with the lovely Harriet who blogs at Life with Mrs Lee, and her daughter Bella on Wednesday for a soft play date! It was lovely to watch Bella and Indiana play together (they're only a few weeks apart in age), and Indie has been asking to go again ever since!

It was also amazing to watch Parker's confidence at soft play. He was climbing and getting to places I didn't think he could - and scaring the life out of me as he did so!


Parker is coming out with loads of new words recently, although the cutest is that he can say Indiana. Well, it's not quite Indiana, he calls her 'na na', but it is close enough!

Indiana is absolutely loving imaginary play recently too. She's really into the Lego mini figures at the moment, and plays with them constantly. Yesterday she had them in her Happyland house playing, and she was even doing little voices for each character - adorable!


These bad boys!

I got the recipe online, and Indie was a very good little helper. Of course the best bit was licking the bowl - the only reason I think Indie agreed to help.


I had a little spree in Next recently and got Parker some gorgeous bits. I adore these dinosaur dungarees, and they go so well with the print on our Cosatto! 

And Lastly...
I am SO excited for the coming week! We're off on a little trip on Sunday, and visiting Peppa Pig World on Monday as a little birthday treat for Parker. He turns one on Thursday and although we're prepared with presents and decorations, I definitely don't think I'm emotionally prepared! 

Have a lovely week!


  1. Aww look at Parker go, the little daredevil! Hope he has a lovely birthday next week x

  2. Wow, Parker looks so grown up - where has that year gone? Enjoy your trip to Peppa Pig, would love to hear about it - we've talked about taking Parker there soon too. I absolutely love that Cosatto stroller, I really need one - our iCandy is too small now - but I'm holding off for a few more months if I can. Happy Birthday to Parker for next week! #LittleLoves xx

  3. Your week sounds super. The first week of the holidays has flown by. I hope you enjoy the birthday celebrations X #littleloves


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