Preparing for the Mess of Weaning with Messy Me & Bibetta


We all know weaning will be messy. Whether you follow the traditional puree route, or delve into the world of baby led weaning, you're going to need to be prepared! Luckily there are lots of products out there that will help with the clean up, and keep those gorgeous little baby clothes clean and tidy.

One of the first items I was recommend when looking into baby led weaning, was a splash mat. We opted for a cheap shower curtain so we could just throw it away and replace. However in the end we gave up, as it started to get pricey! 

Recently though we were sent one of these gorgeous splash mats from Messy Me. The wipe clean oil cloth not only looks lovely, but it's perfect for protecting floors from the inevitable mess of weaning. We pop it on the floor under Parker's highchair and just sweep up the crumbs, and wipe it clean (it is suitable for machine washing at 30 occasionally) when he's finished! 

It's not only good for weaning though. We've used it for picnics, arts and crafts, and most recently we used it as part of Parker's cake smash. It's a great size and folds up small so you could use it when out and about too.

Another essential is a coverall bib - the ones that cover the arms with cuffed sleeves are best! These are great for protecting outfits as there aren't any uncovered areas, and no gaps for food to fall through. Most also come with a crumb catcher bib at the bottom which is a bonus!

We've been testing out the Ultrabib with Sleeves from Bibetta. The bib comes in many lovely bright patterns (we chose turquoise birds), and just by feeling them you can tell they're of great quality. A lot of the cheaper styles aren't very hardwearing and actually let food and liquids soak through, but we've never had that problem with these!

The main bib area is made out of neoprene making it flexible and waterproof, and the sleeves are also thick and durable. What I love about these is the velcro fastening. The design curves and has a long velcro strip so it does up very well. I will say it does appear quite tight on Parker (almost 1), but it would be perfect for the first few months of weaning. You can either use it with or without the catcher bib too.

We absolutely love watching Parker get messy with his food, after all #messisbest. However with these two products, the stressful cleanup that comes afterwards is so much easier and quicker!

Disclosure - We were sent these products as part of our role as a Babymoov Stresslessweaning Ambassador. All opinions are honest and my own

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